Monday, 26 August 2013

Only Fools and Bicycles?

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I think someone forgot to switch on the rain today, it was a gloriously sunny and warm day!  No complaining from me, we eventually got out for a nice ride! It really was a very pleasant ride, even with those darn hills.  It can't be helped, to out to the countryside we have to climb hills.  But I was just going to go at my own pace, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the changing sites and if I have to get off and walk, then so be it.

I made sure I had some drink in my rack, and we set off.  I was testing the running watch again, see how it handles for a bike ride.  I was sure it was set up, and it was going as the thing was buzzing away on my wrist telling me it was doing things.  But it is not there now!! It seems to have disappeared from the watch, it's not in the history. So unless I should have put in all the numbers first, for instance; Time, distance, etc, then I have obviously done something wrong! I really wanted to see how it coped on a bike run, especially as I could pause it and the satellites connection was never lost. Nor did it go to 'power save' mode like the Garmin does, and you have to get the satellites back again. Oh well, I shall just have to add the Old Boys at the end.

Sorry, jumped the gun a bit, but I wanted to get the TomTom thing out of the way, as it's still annoying me!  So today we are going to ride out and head towards Yalding way.  Whether we get there or not, it doesn't matter, there are plenty of pubs on the way if I can't cope with those darn hills! The Old Boy can do a fast blast tomorrow without me, if the pace of todays ride is to sedate for him.

The first part of our road trip today is our usual route, up to Halstead, so there is that climb to do first. It was just as we were passing Knockholt station that I looked at the watch to check on the numbers, and I could see it was still saying "go".  I'm sure when I tested it on a run I just ran and it did it's thing.  but I know I did 'plumb' in my distance, and the time I wanted to do it in.  But you would think that a watch, once switched on and it says 'go' would start recording.  And it did, when I switched it on to the next sceen, as it kept buzzing! OOOO makes me mad when things don't work for me!

Back to my ride.  I eventually got up to the roundabout and had a bit or a drink.  I was feeling quite warm now, it seems we were in the hottest part of the day so far.  We then were going through to Shoreham Village, but instead of turning left, heading for Eynsford we turned right, heading for Otford.  I have been up this road before.  I think I found it challenging then!  So today, I was just going to go at my pace, slowly and steadily up the hills! I was not going to put any pressure on myself to speed up them (....don't laugh, it may happen one day) or even to keep my backside in the saddle either. 

I was keeping an eye on the TomTom watch, and it was coming up for an hour. That's an hour since Knockholt station, and I was really  feeling the heat, and the hills were getting to me. For 17 miles I managed to stay in my saddle! Yes there were down hill bits, which I loved! But the hills seem to come think and fast.  Then the nastiest little blighter of all ready up in front of me! I did not manage to stay in my seat for this one! Jelly legs got the better of me and I had to walk up the hill.

We went through Plaxtol, my first photo stop! Even though we passed through some beautiful country side. But I was concentrating on damn hills! Here is just a couple of them at Plaxtol.

The Church at Plaxtol

From here it is all down hill. It looks like it on the map, doesn't it?  But there are a few tiny undulations of the roads that still get me puffing, and thinking, I really want something to eat now.  I was just pleased when he pulled into the Bush Blackbird and Thrush!  I was so very ready for some refreshment and something to eat!  We both opted for a ploughmans, with a pint to wash it down.

I don't think we were going to get as far as Yalding! With full bellys, we headed of after about an hour, for East Peckham! (I bet you were wondering where the Only fools and horses title was coming from.) And also, only crazy people will love riding up hills on Bicycles!  Of course its not East Peckham in London, we are going to a very lovely Village and then ride to the lovely weir there.

Here, this is what it looks like, and being such a lovely day, there were plenty of people and boats about.  Here, have a look at some of the pictures I took.

From here though, as it was getting late, we decided to ride to Tonbridge and get on the train!  I was feeling quite tired anyway, and I was very grateful for this suggestion!  On the way to Tonbridge, we stopped of at The Man of Kent pub for one last drink.  And a lovely little stream to look at, with the fish that just seem to hang around there!

Geeky stats from the Old Boys Garmin

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