Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cosmetic Surgery and New Clothes?!

Hello blog lovers.

My ride today was no so much as a pleasure ride, but a ride for a purpose.  Not only that but the exact time that I was ready to go out, the rain came! The issues with my hands was still giving me cause for concern, although, I am sure with each little tweak by the bike shop and each 20 mile bike ride that I have been doing is getting it solved.  The lovely chap at Bromley Bikes has still not given up with me, and his next thing to try was putting 'Fat' on my handlebars! I know! Usually us girls want fat removed, by Joe thinks that the gel cushions will do it. 

After he showed me what they looked like and also what colour tape I would like, put back on the bars, I left my Spesh in their capable hands, while I went in search of MeerKats and spiders! (with a spot of lunch thrown in)

It was only going to take about 40 minutes, so my first stop was to the post office, I had a parcel to collect from the near by post office.  This happened to be my Meerkat! Yes, I am afraid I have become a collector of Alexandr and his friends. So that explains the Meerkat. The spider was to be a costume for my grandson.  He wants to be insy winsy spider tomorrow, for his nursery rhyme day at school.  That was more difficult to find.  So his mummy found a 'cheeky monkey' costume, later in the day.

After all that was done it was back to the shop to pick up my bike.  There was a chap in there waiting for his bike to be finished, and he said "I guess that must the ladies bike there?" as he pointed out my bike.  "Did you guess that, or was it the pink that gave it away" I said jokingly. But when I saw my bike! Well, the obvious change was the lovely colour of tape that she was wearing! I bet you all think I've gone for pink! Well I didn't, my bike was now wearing lovely, 'slimmining' black tape.  And she needed it, as the 'cosmetic surgery', has provided a lovely, cushiony layer of 'Phat'.....ok, gel....underneath the new black 'clothes' on her handlebars.

It did feel a lot more comfortable on the ride home, just like holding on to an armchair!  But I am dying to show you a picture of her in her new clothes, so here she is!

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