Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Breeze Of A Ride

Brenda, Yvonne and
Charlene, Normans Park
Hello blog lovers.

I saw on line that Yvonne, a Breeze Champion, was starting a ride from my neck of the woods!  I thought this would be brilliant for Charlene, she can pick Yvonnes brains for info at the coffee stop (because there is always coffee on a Breeze ride!). Charlene loves her trail ride, and mountain bike still riding, all down hill, heading head long into trees and bushes! Not my sort of thing, way to scary, give me lorries and buses any day!  But she also likes organised rides, and also learning confidence in group riding on roads (albeit very quiet roads) is always a welcome bonus.

So we both signed up the same night.  My bike ride that I had planned for Monday had been cancelled due to the weather, and this mornings weather was planned for some rain too, but we woke up to blue sky and sunshine!  Well that's a bonus, so much nicer riding in the sunshine!  We were there early, and I had a go on Charlen's bike. I sat on it, and I felt like I was on my grandsons bike!  She had the saddle so low, my knees were hitting my chin when I pedalled.  I thought maybe this is the way mountain bikers do it! Maybe they are so much up on their feet that a saddle is probably a nuisance anyway!

But for todays ride, a nice sedate ride around some quite roads and through parks and stopping for tea she needs to be comfortable.  She raised her seat and she rode around the car park at Normans Park (Hayes end) and she said "Oh wow, yes that feels so much better!"

Soon Yvonne turned up and we waited for two other ladies, Brenda was next but the other lady just didn't make a show.  After a brief outline of what Breeze is all about, specifically for our Charlene, and then we were off!  Yvonne did give a brief out line of our route, and it seems we are going ........ home!

The parks and routes that Yvonne had planned will be taking me and Charlene back to our estate! Just goes to show, we do have some lovely parks near by! We are so fortunate!  Through Normans park we rode towards Hook Farm Road, and then we turned left and road along the cycle path for just a couple of meters before crossing over and heading for our second park, Whitehall Rec.  It's a bit like De Ja'Vue as so far it's also like my Marathon training I did, only in reverse!

We followed a path all the way to a cul de sac!  Some where here, there is another path! It seems to have disappeared!  But then it was spotted a car had parked in front and we just couldn't see it! From there we carried on to Blackbrook Lane, (sound familiar?) and then through Jubilee park!  It was then I tried to take another picture but my silly phone said storage full!  So Yvonne took a brilliant selfie! See..

L to r   Yvonne, Brenda Charlene and me

We carried on with our ride as we came out of Tent Peg Lane, I was trying to figure out what little park was next, when she gave a brief outline earlier she said something about a park down Southborough lane, and it was until we were heading down there that I suddenly remembered about the little park, the Dump as the Old Boy and his generation called it, Scarborough Rec was what Charlene her generation no it as! Of course, how could I forget this little park.  It is one that I hardly use actually, is probably why, I don't even use it as a cut through, or short cut, because the way it's situated it just isn't!

We were on our way back now to have our tea, so through our local park and then up the path to Princes Plain, out at Church road and down Oakley road.  The only busy part of today's ride was this end!  We turned right into Barnet Wood Lane and then right and right again to finish our ride at the Village Cafe!  One bacon and egg sandwich and a cuppa and scintillating conversation!

What more can you want from a Breeze Ride!

Geeky stats, oh and I kept my Garmin going from home, along to Halfords after our ride and then back home again.

<iframe width='465' height='548' frameborder='0' src='//connect.garmin.com:80/activity/embed/779327724'></iframe>

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