Monday, 11 May 2015

Fresh Air!

Hello blog lovers!

I am getting a new 'lid' on my pad!  Scaffolding went up on Friday, so no cycling, I had planned to join Panagua ladies only ride this morning, (apparently it was a very lovely sun shining ride!) not that I am a bit Jel! but the New Lid men were coming today! I was not pleased!  Of course I am pleased I am getting a new roof, but still, when life interrupts your running or cycling it is a pretty damn inconvenience!

You could imagine that I was looking forward to getting out from these four walls and to get my heart rate up a bit.  As you know, since becoming a fair weather rider of late, my saddle ass and bike fitness has somewhat disappeared, so our route was one that we always do, up to Downe village.  At least I know I can get up there without getting off my bike, it is a bit of a work out, well it would be with those hills! And besides, it is a lovely scenic route.

We left our house a bit earlier than usual, and got all the way to the ally......and came back!  I had a puncture! We came back and the Old Boy quickly changed it and we started again!  Through the ally and up the A21 and through Farnborough Village.  Already I felt as if I was a tad quicker than the last time I was with the Old Boy, but it's too soon to tell, and besides, it doesn't matter.  I was getting that 'I must get quicker than last time' moment, and quite frankly, for me, it doesn't matter!

I am sure I will get quicker again as time goes one, I did last time, but I was trying to, and beating myself up if I wasn't as quick as last time.  Always pushing harder and harder, instead of having fun.  I pushed a little harder today, but it was fun!  I thought to myself "Just see, see if you can give it a little bit up this hill, doesn't matter if you can't"  Until I download the Old Boys Garmin I won't know if I was or wasn't.  But the thing is.....I don't care!

I really had fun this evening, pushing a little when I wanted to, slowing down when I couldn't.  Now that is what its all about!  At one point I really thought "I want to stop getting up this hill now" but after a saw the road on the right, which I just can't remember what it is called right now, I knew that there wasn't far to go.  It was a bit of a struggle today, but I have come to expect things like that.  All days are different, whether I am running or cycling!

Something I have learned over the few years I have been doing physical exercise is that, Monday may follow Tuesday, followed by Wednesday etc, but things that happen in those days are different.  You may have not eaten as much, or eaten too much!  You may have had an awful night sleep, being slightly off colour, or your partner may have kept you awake, snoring! The weather deffo can affect you!

Anything, anything can have an adverse effect on your day, whether running, cycling or even doing a days work!  Which in my mind, every ride, ParkRun, fave Solo run, race, well it can only mean a PB! I feel as if I have spoken about nothing, but these are the things that went through my mind today, on my way round this course, and after I got back, feeling bloody brilliant!  A most pleasant ride indeed!

Geeky stats.

These will have to wait!  As the Old Boy used his Garmin today I will have to wait until he uploads them!

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