Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday Meander!

Hello blog lovers.

This is the first Sunday for ages where I haven't had to do a long run, or go to some sort of family do!  The first Sunday I can have a cuppa with church before coming home, the first Sunday which can feel relaxing.  So what do we do....go on a bike ride!

The Old Boy had the Sunday off work too, so while I was at church he prepared our dinner, fixed punctures and pumped up tyres! When I got back from church, and things were all ready, we got changed into our cycling gear and then went out.

It was going to be just a nice pleasant, leisurely fun ride.  The type I like.  Just plodding along, enjoying the sunshine (although that breeze was a bit strong). I chose a route to Farnborough, along the quieter roads, as I am thinking this may be a way I will be taking a friend of mine Tuesday Morning, but we shall see. We then continued up to Downe Village.  As this was a nice leisurely ride we stopped off here for refreshment!  It was a bit breezy sitting outside, and goosebumps appeared on my arms!  I was thinking that maybe I should have had long pants and long sleeves on!

But once we started moving again along Single Street and Jail Lane I soon warmed up again.  I need to work on my bike fitness again, I can definitely tell that I have become slower on my bike than I used to be.  But I am not too bothered, now that I have finished the marathon, I can get back and have some nice fun rides again.

We road all along Jail Lane and then turned right, heading towards Biggin Hill Airport!  Now this really is a fast bit of road, it's mainly downhill!  The Old Boy had his Garmin going and he was behind me, the stats recorded speeds up to 30 miles an hour at one point!  Me!? Going at that speed!

We rode on through Keston and then continued to Hayes where we stopped off at the George for a pint and a bowl of olives!  We were going to go home via Normans Park, and then across Chat and through our local park.  But when we were stopped at the George the Old Boy noticed that my back tyre was a bit soft!  Darn it!  I was hoping it will make it until we got home, where I can attempt to change the tube in the comfort of my own home!

We started our journey home, going through the park, but by the time we got to the other side, just  outside the gates I had to stop, my tyre was just to flat to continue. The Old Boy thought that this was a brilliant opportunity for me to practise changing the tube 'in the field' so to speak.  So there I was, on my knees, taking of my back wheel and changing the inner tube!

I did it, mainly!  I know I could do it if I was by myself or with a group of other ladies!  We could overcome a flat tyre situation!  That was very reassuring to me, but what I would have to practise is doing it faster!  It took about 15 ish minutes to do, which, on a weekday ride could mean I will be pedalling like the clappers to get to school on time!

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