Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Just A Nice Leisurely One!

How many calories
in a flying ant!
Hello blog lovers.

So, after this mornings exercise, all that burning up the thighs and what not, I thought a nice evening in, or out, maybe to the local rib shack! But no, I couldn't tempt the Old Boy!  So I suggested the usual nice easy ride up to down and back home via Biggin hill.  When I say nice and easy, the only bit that is nice and easy is the bit when we get to Biggin Hill!

My legs were a bit surprised to be asked to do more....stuff!  They were also thinking, 'Just a nice walk to the car, get out, walk to the rib shack, and then take the weight off'  But that wasn't too be, hence, me writing this!

Again, around about 6 ish, I had a little snooze (it must be age related) but I shook my self awake and went upstairs to get changed into my cycling gear.  The Old Boy was already getting changed, I think he would have gone with or without me!

I wasn't going to go too far, I am still not in the 20 miles in an evening, mode yet, but I feel sure I will get there again.  Downe village is a good workout, and the Old Boy can class it as a pleasure ride!  We got through the local path, relatively unscathed, what with ants, flying ants and kamikaze kids hurtling towards us!

It's that time of year when flying ants start to fly off to new climes!  The Old Boy, before we left this evening 'googled' up about flying ants and why they do it, and what happens when they mid air!!  All I can say is.....ouch!!

So, Downe village, that was our destination before going back home!  That ride up High Elms Road seemed so bloody hard this evening!  I felt sure that I wasn't going to make it in one go!  My legs were screaming (not for the first time today) to stop, take a break, get a taxi, chillax!  But I kept going, the Old Boy encouraging me to go all the way, not to stop (we were nearly to the centre of the village).  It's that last little bit, it just seems so steep!

We took a little break once we got to the centre.  And then rode on up Single Street, then Jail Lane!  It was riding up Jail Lane when another cyclists past me by.  He was ever so nice, and said good evening as he seemed to thundered past, first me then the Old Boy! But I am not a speedy person when there is an incline!  I just plod along and eventually get there!

We did meet up with him again.  He had stopped at the end of Jail lane to put on his lights.  We pulled over as well to do the same, make sure our lights were on!  We chatted awhile with the chap before we all headed in the same direction, towards Biggin Hill!  The chap went first and then when the traffic was clear I went with the Old Boy behind me.

Now down hill is when I do tend to push myself.  I can't help it!  Its fun, it's easy and it's exciting!  My bike just seems to love going down hill as fast as it can!  Even with me sitting on top of it!  I soon caught up with the chap that went first, but it was at a point when there is a slight uphill.  I couldn't pull up my brakes, I just couldn't so I just kept going, I even had to get out of my seat to power on past him!

I head the Old Boy say something to the other cyclists like "She's off" and the other chap, I later found out, said "Have a safe ride"  or something like that!  I do love cycling.....of free wheeling down this road.  There is some pedalling bits that needs doing, to get you up and over the little inclines!  But it really is so much fun!

We stopped off at the Greyhound in Keston for a nice refreshment!  It was much needed!  The exercise this morning and now this little ride!  I am totally knackered now....but looking forward to my run tomorrow morning!  At least by then all the blooming flying ants should have found a boyfriend and a new home by then!

Geeky stats, which I stopped at the Greyhound and forgot to start up again!

Bromley Common and Keston Ward Running by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

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