Monday, 13 July 2015

Spinning 'Eck!

Hello blog lovers.

It's back to our normal British summer!  Wet and drizzly.  I did promise Bims that when the weather is like this that we would do spin classes rather than go out on our bikes with the Panagua ladies!  I was a bit disappointed really as from next week it's the kids holidays, which means I will have the little darlings with me during the day!

But a promise is a promise, and to be honest, I wasn't really 'feeling it'.  It's not just the fact that is raining, it's not just the fact that it's in a class room, and it's not the fact that 'Spinning' is bloody hard!  But I really wasn't feeling it.  The Old Boy has been off colour for a few days and I think he has shared his germs with me!  But like a trooper I turned up at Bims house.

She has this wonderful routine of running to the gym from her house! It's only about half a mile, but still, there is the actual class to do once we get there!  I filled my bottle with iced water, I know from experience it's going to be necessary!  All though it had stopped raining and looked kind of chilly, it was actually quite warm!

My legs didn't seem to want to work this morning, no warm up whatsoever and not even a cuppa!  I knew it was going to be hard work, and the thought of eating anything just didn't feel right!  Which I know is totally wrong!  It was a very gentle slow jog to the Pavilion in Bromley, but even my lungs wasn't playing ball this morning! I couldn't even jog the whole way to the gym!

Once there though, we got our bikes, adjusted seat levels and what not and waited for the class to begin.  Just one question, if anyone knows the answer, do you have the seat fitted like you would on your own ordinary bikes, or the seat a tad lower!  It's just that when then instructor says 'Ok, up everybody up!" then when I'm spinning my ......umm....bottom still hits the seat, but yet it's fine for when I'm sitting down and spinning, is it necessary for the bike to fit just like a road bike!?

Anyway the class began, nice and steady at first, something I can just about do.  I tried to keep in with the music.  Just concentrate on the rhythm of the music, and listen to her for when she says "Ok, are you ready, 3,  2, 1 and up"  and that's when we have to stand up on the pedals and keep up with the music, which has changed tempo and then down and then hover! Blimey, it's tough, let me tell you!  I was already sweating, I thought I had been at it for a least 10 minutes but when I looked at the time it was only 3!

And then she got us to do some fast spinning!  At a lower gear but getting the revs up to 130 rpm top speed before dropping down!  I think I hit it a couple of times, and the lower end of rpm she said she wanted I think I stayed there for at least 10 seconds!

I always thought it was just spinning, spinning as hard as you can, and then get off and that would be it.  But there is all sorts that she gets us to do, some standing up in an extremely high gears, pulsing, doing this press up type things while spinning, Oh my spinning 'eck!  My legs were burning, they were hurting, my towel was soaked, and I was even too exhausted to pick my drink up!

It was a fantastic session, and although I ached all over, and I hated the hard work.......I really did enjoy it!  So I will stick to my promise to Bims, on rainy days I will hit the gym! Even though now, I think I found a new cuss word!  Spin!

By the way, I am looking forward to the next one!

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