Saturday, 4 July 2015

26 Miles At 26 Degrees

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After we decided last night that we would go for a bike ride to Eynsford, I was pleased to see that the sun was out.  We, that's me and the Old Boy, was meeting Bims up at the bus garage along the A21.  Our main objective is lunch at the Plough in Eynsford. I was really looking forward to it!

We arrived at the bus garage met up with Bims and then cycled along the A21 towards Greenstreet Green.  It's surprising just how many blobs are out there driving cars!  The can clearly see us, three of us, cycling along, one behind the other in single file, yet they still try to give you the least riding space as they can!  I am fairly confident while riding on my bike in traffic, but sometimes when there are some A Holes around I do just stay behind and let them 'get on with it'!  But this particular incident we (us cyclists) were actually going faster then the cars, which is where I think the trouble starts.  Drivers hate that!

The hate the fact that we can pass them while they sit in traffic.  But I just couldn't get passed this one driver, he was driving too near the kerb.  I like to have space, space to avoid the drains, and space from the drivers in case they do something silly or I need to avoid debris in the road.  But Bims and the Old Boy were getting particularly annoyed with this driver and they rode up to him and actually told him to "Move over!"  You will be pleased to know.......he didn't!  I managed to catch up to them a little further up the road with the traffic thinned out again!

We made steady progress, I wasn't rushing, well, there will be some hill climbing later that will be challenging enough!  We made Shoreham Village in an hour!  Ok, so it wasn't the fastest of rides, but we did it and we were smiling.  We stopped off for a refreshing drink before getting back to our main objective, lunch at The Plough.  There is that little hill to get up just near the station but I did it, I still hate hills, but I am sure they must be doing me good......please tell me they are doing me good.......I need to know that they are doing me good!

When we ride this way to Eynseford we pass the lavender fields, during the winder and autumn months they are pretty boring but come summer and the colours are just simply stunning.  Here take a look, we had a photo stop.

Lavender fields.

We carried on up the hill, we have to work for our lunch! But it did have the occasional down hill, which was totally amazing!  It's the only time that I can go faster than Bims.  Damn those spin classes!  It's only a very short distance from Shoreham to Eynsford and we was there in no time.  Being as it is a very lovely day the whole world and his wife and family seemed to be down by the river today.  I doubted we would get a table!

But just as we turned up then a table became available, perfect!  I was really looking forward to something to eat.  We chose our lunch and went to order it at the bar, along with a pint!  We had a bit of a wait for our lunch, it was busy!  But when it arrived, I was a tad disappointed!  My linguine really looked as if the chef was busy, and the Old Boys duck, well, it was ok, ish, but nothing like I have come to expect from the Plough!  Maybe they just can't cope with numbers, but still, you should never send out ok food, not for the prices they charge!
My lunch

Bims Lunch
Old Boys Lunch

So after our 'ok' food we set off home.  We were going to go through Swanley, just to add a couple more miles to work off our 'ok' food!  Feeling disappointed we headed to wards Farningham.  I was thinking maybe we should have stopped at the pub there for our lunch!

I quite like this way home, although we don't have to do Foo Kin Hill, we still have to ride up.  Of course Bims just flew up the hill and I was at the back with the Old Boy to keep me company, struggling as usual!  I must work harder on hills!  But right now was not that time!  I was full with 'ok food' and it was extremely warm!  At least 26 degrees, the sweat was doing it's best to keep me cool!  It wasn't working!

But I didn't stop, I kept going.  Eventually catching up with Bims for a little while longer at least, we continued on our through Bexley and past the Slaughtered Lamb.Well, when I say past, Bims had actually popped in to get some fresh water, I gave her my bottle to refill as well.

We had the the busy main roads to deal with before going around the very busy round about by Sevonoaks Way, and then that nasty little climb up the ramp!  Oh how I hate hills!  We went on the path rather than the road, I knew I was going to be slow so I didn't want to piss off any of the drivers that would be passing me.  Also I was feeling pretty bloomin knackered too!

With just the undulations on the way up to Chislehurst to get to the Tigers Head to do, yet they felt like huge mountains!  Bims and The Old Boy had now gone ahead of me, it's not as if I would get lost now.  I so wanted to stop, and walk up some of the hills but I didn't I kept going.

I was so pleased to get to the tigers head!  We had one more drink in there before going home, and we didn't go the easier, longer way home, oh no!  We decided to do Summer Hill!  I let the other two go in front of me and I would meet them at the top at Blackbrook Lane!  I seriously didn't think I would make this last hill.  But I just want as fast as I felt comfortable all the way down, just so that I could have that momentum for the other side!

We did it!  It was a good ride, with some very challenging hills!  I was exhausted and extremely warm!  Getting back home for a nice shower and a cuppa is what I wanted now!

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