Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Cheeky Little Ride!

Hello blog lovers.

Its the first time out on the bike for ages, and a one that I wasn't expecting I could do today.  So as soon as I had finished my Toddler group, I came straight back home and got changed into my cycling gear before I had time to start procrastinating!  Even the weather was encouraging, the sun was out and it wasn't raining!

As soon as I started my ride my legs started complaining!  But, 'no pain, no gain' so they say.  That does annoy me that saying, because in my mind, pain means 'stop, you're doing too much, don't do that again' kind of thing.  It was the hill training yesterday, I think, that we did in group 0, but, really, if I am totally honest, it's not so much of a pain, as just a 'you did a bit of running' type of complaint from my legs!

With that in mind I really tried to push hard, as hard as my 'you did a bit of running' complaining legs would take me.  Through each lap I thought I was doing blimming brilliantly.  Yes of course I was caught up in the traffic, but no more that usual. I was looking forward to seeing it today I had got another PB.  We shall see!

On the final lap I was still feeling pretty confident that I was going to get under the hour, and started my cycle home.  I got through the park to get home, rather than carry on up Southborough, so I have to cross over just a little road.  It's on a bit of a bend, so you need to keep your eyes peeled, even though it's a 20 mph road, the drivers still do go a little crazy!  So, having said that, I just stated tocross the road when a car appeared on my left, so I managed to stop and was just about to back up, but instead the driver stopped and let me go instead.  I smiled and nodded, in the way that most, nay, all cyclists do when people at nice, or if they see other cyclists and I continued to cross the road.  The next thing I head was a 'beep beep' from the 'kind' driver. It appears that my thanks/nod of the head and big beaming smile had gone unnoticed by the driver and he was some what peeved.  Maybe he wanted me to come around to his window and shake his hand and say "Thank you, thank you oh thank you" geesh, some people!

Anyway, I made my way home, really tried very hard to go as fast as I could along Whitebeam and then into my road!  You can imagine my disappointment when I saw that I was over the hour!  Tut, oh well, better next time!

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