Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Free Day!l

Hello blog lovers.

Unexpected free day + 2 pound weight gain = ride around Blackbrook laps!  I knew that the scales would let me know of the blip this week, the fact that I had over eaten and not exercises as much.  The cold and a cold does that me, all I wanted to do was snuggle under a duvet on Monday and not go out anywhere!

But come yesterday I was feeling fine again, did my club run, which was an easy route anyway, and today because I have no kids today I can nip out on my bike for four laps!  I wasn't expecting to even get close to my original time, maybe at least stay under the hour, I just not had enough saddle time!  I set off on my route, with a hope that it won't be too embarrassing!

I had pumped the tyres up before I left and my bike just felt easier to ride, I was wondering if my very slow time before was because my tyres were not properly inflated!  I got to Blackbrook Lane and looked directly at.....temporary lights, plus they were on red!  As there were no cars behind me and I was still warming up I did something very sneaky, I nipped up onto the pavement!  I know, my bad!  But there were no people walking, and no cars behind, I thought 'Just this once!'  If on the next lap it was red then I would stop!

I made sure I kept spinning all the way to the top, if this little route is going to do me any good then I just got to keep working hard at it!  No good just 'going for a spin'.  This route on my bike is like Normans track is for my running!  It's only for an hour then it's all over and done with!  Plus it's local, no getting back from anywhere as it's all park of my training route!

I got held up at the second lights again, that really made me think that I will just have to keep on moving as fast as I can.  It's wasn't until just this very second, as I am writing this, that I realised my Garmin has auto pause on it!   But I shall have to get rid of that thought for my next lap session just so that I continue to go faster, thinking that I don't have auto pause.

The other three laps I got caught at the traffic lights twice more at each set of lights, and plus some little dude giving me 'baby evils' while he was trying to do wheelies on the other side of the road!  I should have really have told him to ride on the pavement but he was too darn lippy as he shouted some sort of remark at me as I passed him by!

The fourth and final lap and I headed off home via my local park. It was nice to see that the kids were out playing in the playpark even though it was getting chilly.  It made me reminise about how we used to always play out no matter what the weather!  The adventure play ground down Fitzallen street, Kennington!  The used to be a hut there too, with youth workers.  Not many places like that these days, kids are left alone to do their own thing if they do venture out of the homes!  It's funny what you think about when you out riding solo.  I did a blog once of things I thought about when out running.  Maybe I will do one for riding and then compare the two!  See if the thoughts are different!

Anyway, geeky stats, and I just noticed that my elapsed time is still under the hour!  Double pleased with that!

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