Monday, 1 February 2016

The Back's Back!

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The weather today was to be extremely windy and so the Panagua Ladies decided not to meet up this morning, and dear Mhairi is not well.  So I had in mind to do a spin class, at least that is what I said on our Facebook page.  I kind of said it questionably, you know, sort of in two minds about it. I am not one for working out in doors.  If I am to get all hot and sweaty I would rather be outside in the fresh air, where it don't bother anyone but me! Peeeewww!

So my mission today was to get around my laps as quickly as possible!  But with this weather, remember it's really windy, 37mph it said on my app, I wasn't expecting any PB's.  In fact I was expecting it to be the longest ride so far on this route!  Especially as I have had a week off due to my bad back, ( which is back in action byt the way, hence today's title!) My back is fine now, not altogether twinge free, but enough to chance the laps and even a run tomorrow in group 0.

Of course I procrastinated, as usual, I looked out side my Patio window and saw the trees being blown all over the place. I watched as the leaves played chase on the patio, they danced and flew up in the air in spirals.  I listened to the winds' voice telling me to stay in and be safe!  I was all set to just curl up n my nice cosy chair and scroll through Facebook for an hour or so before I going out shopping.  Until, that is, another voice crept into my thoughts and was urging me to just bite the bullet and get out there and do it.  After all it was only an hour!  So I went, of course I went!  I have a lot of fat cells to get rid of, and they ain't going no-where on their own!

I could feel how strong the wind was as it blew threw my wheels of my bike.  It always surprises me just how much I can feel the wind pushing against my bike!  Yes, today indeed was going to be a tough ride, ok, so not as tough as the ones I have with the Panagua Ladies, but I am going to have to push as much as I can.

The first of the loops started and I was riding along Blackbrook lane, I was already feeling warm!  Although the wind was strong it wasn't particularly cold but I decided that long sleeves under my cycling jacket was a mistake!  I even had my thick winter gloves!  Maybe a few extra pounds will be sweated off as well as burnt off!  As I was riding  along I noticed some runners on the right, and with them was Adele, she's a PWR but she also has her own personal training business going on.  Maybe they were some of her customers!  She does a boxercise class, a great way to bash some stress away I should think! We waved at each other, or a least I nodded and smiled!

I couldn't believe just how pleased I was to get that first run of Blackbrook lane done! Now that I know what it was going to be like, with the wind trying to whip my bike from me, I knew what was expected.  What I didn't expect was to find it just as hard riding DOWN Southborough Road, with the wind trying to blow me back up!  Yes, indeedy!  It's going to be a hard ride!

So the next lap, I knew what was going to happen, I knew the wind was going to try and push me off my bike, I knew I had to pedal as hard as I could up here, if I want to get at least close to the hour!  My goal of getting a PB was not on my mind anymore, just to get as close to the hour as I could.  The second lap was just as hard, with the wind going along Bickley Road feeling even stronger!

You can imagine the next couple of laps were just the same.  The thing is, I do love starting that third lap, know that I am half way through!  It's funny really, because give me laps in a running race and I a don't particularly 'feel' it!  I would rather do just one big loop, or even squiggly routes.  Just not laps!  I think I am just weird!

With the fourth lap completed I headed home, still trying to get as fast as I can, knowing in my heart that I will probably be getting in at 1 hour and 4 mins or more!  I just felt so much slower!  With the stopping at the traffic lights, the wind holding me back, pushing me sidewards and having a weeks enforced rest, I just knew it was a slow ride.

Well.......not as slow as I thought......1 hour and 4 seconds!! Yup, I will have that!

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