Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Not Long Before L2B!

Hello bloggees,

What a lovely day it is today, and I need to get on with my training! Only 5 days left, and I had a week off from training last week, due to this cold, which is still hanging around! But at least its not making me feel ill any more, and the energy levels are back up.

So I decided to do a bit of banking, bit of shopping, then come back put it all away and then go for my ride!. Didn't quite happen like that, the local small supermarket just didn't have what I wanted! So I just did the banking, came back to get my Garmin, as I didn't take it with me, I am not even clocking up the ride to the local supermarket anymore as exercise, even though I did go on my bike!

I will have to do the shopping as part of my bike route today. Rucksack on me back and away we go. I am doing one of my usual routes today, with the stop off at the supermarket for my shopping (ingredients for my beef curry tonight!) and just head off up to Greenstreet Green.

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel, considering I have had a week off, but I did do the Race for Life on Sunday, and I felt pretty good after that, my chest a bit tight, but still good. If I cant manage to get as far as Sidcup bypass then it will be no biggy! I still think I will manage to get to Brighton, just not sure how long it will take me.

Of course I forgot to stop my Garmin as wandered around the shop looking for ingredients, so that has add to the mph! Still, its not about speed today. Today is all about getting back on the saddle and seeing how I fare.

All together not to bad, I am quite pleased, I was going to go down and up Summer Hill in Chislehurst, but there is plenty of time for that! It was just good to be back on my bike!

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