Saturday, 4 June 2011

Uh Oh Jungle!

Hello bloggees!

What a gorgeous day out today! The sun shining, its warm, its not raining! But it is a little windy!

We decided to take a leisurely ride around our area, taking in our bike shop, to get a inner tube for our bikes, and a bit of shopping, and also some shopping for our tea a bit later on.

So nothing very strenuous! Which was good, because Saturdays is all about pleasure riding! The training happens during the week! So our first part of the ride we went through the Grove, and on to Hayes common. Just lovely! Love these pleasure rides.

The Old Boy was trying to find a route with less hills to get us to the bike shop, but there was one hill! Had to be done. But as it was a pleasure ride, I got off and walked! We got to the bike shop, and I mentioned to the guy that my bike had a little rattle when the gears were in a certain combination, and he just took it, checked it out, tweaked it, oiled it and gave it back! How cool is that! Then we bought the inner tube ........ and some new riding gloves for this Old Girl, check them out!!!

They're pink! and they have this whole gel thing going on in the palms to help with the vibrations and other stuff like that, but they're pink!!! Love them!

I took this picture after we got to Chislehurst, and after our little treat of a lager! But the pond where we were was such a lovely little pond, I have never actually stood and looked at it, always just passed it by! So it was nice to look and stop and listen and take pictures, here look at these cute pics of ducklings and their mummy.

See, how cute is that!!

And another picture of the ponds, this one looks like these ducks live on the 'council' pound, the are waiting for the workmen to come and fill it up with water!

We did our shopping, and then went straight back the the pub for one last pint before we head off home! Well, it is a pleasure ride.

We rode through the woods, the old boy had strapped my back pack to his back now, well, its heavy with all that shopping in it, and he let me carry the one item that didn't fit in the backpack. But that was really annoying! It kept banging into my wheel, so I ended up putting my arms through the handles and wearing that like a backpack!

We rode on through the woods, and we were going to go through our local woods as well, a right rumble through the jungle! And you all know me by now, a proper townie! Woods, trees, bugs and dried muddy paths are not my forte!

All I kept doing was letting out these girly squeals, and 'oooompfs!' as I rode over ....... stuff! I did loose the Old boy at one time, and had to resort to shouting for each other, and he rang his bell as I followed the sound!

But we got back safely, even though we did a mini loop in our local woods! I thought the Old Boy got lost, but after we got home he informed me that he planned it, as he knew I wouldn't have a clue where I was! Well, there are not road signs are there!

Enjoyable ride though, and he are the geeky stats!

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