Thursday, 2 June 2011

Time For A Service!

Hello Bloggees,

Well today I thought it about time to have a service on my bike! Make sure that it is in tip top condition for the 19th! You all know that I will be riding from London to Brighton then! (Don't forget to click on my link and sponsor me!)

It's a gorgeous morning, and I am the only one here, so the is only one way this service can happen. I ride to the shop and run back! Simples! It's not that far to ride, only 3 miles away. So it really didn't take that long to get there.

I was looking forward to the run back!

I took my bike in, and told them about the slight buckle on my front wheel, and about my brakes being a little sluggish, and they whipped it away and said that it will be ready tomorrow. So geeky stats for the ride there!

Now for the run home!

I shall write it all on one blog, saves swapping and dithering!

The weather was bright and warm, very warm! I had put on a long sleeve top, but made sure I had a running vest underneath. Off came the top, Garmen reset for the jog home.

I was going to run the route that I came up on virtually, but at the bottom of Pageheath Villas I turned left and headed for Blackbrook lane, down there to Southborough Land and the up to bottom Oxhawth.

I think the pace that I ran yesterday was a fluke, (I knew I shouldn't have sounded cocky) My legs were feeling line lead, and they were hurting, I was doing a lot more jog/walk on the way back. I can't believe that this distance is usually what I run and yet I feel totally worn out! But I kept justifying that I had just rode up to Bromley (only 3 miles!) but it kept my enthusiasm going.

I did the run in 41.37 mins! Pitiful! Very Pitiful. I have done that distance quicker! Oh well, tomorrow when I pick my bike up I shall be quicker on the way there.

Geeky stats

Now, I had stuff to do, shopping to do and people to see.

When I was at my friends house the Old Boy gave me a call to say that my bike had been done! Blimey that was quick, 2 hours! Well, I will spend a little more time with my friends drinking coffee before heading back home, to put the shopping away and then take a slow run back to the shop.

When I say slow run back, it was actually faster than when I ran from the shop to home! I did take a slightly different route back to the shop, but I didn't realise how shorter the distance was by going that way!

Here check the geeky stats

I did look a picture when I got to the shop, all sweaty and pink faced, and no doubt probably not minging to good either. But my bike was looking good, brakes feeling like new, and the buckle in the wheel all fixed they said.

And so the ride home

Not rushing, my legs have been filled with lead, and concrete, and anything else heavy that you can think of!

Geeky stats,

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