Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Longish Bike Ride - No Pub!

Hello blog lovers!

Well you can all remember what the weather was like today, it was coming down in bucket loads! Lightening, thunder, flash floods in Pettswood and down bottom Oxhawth! There was no way we were going riding tonight!

Yeah, right! The rain had stopped by the time the OB got back and he was well up for maybe just a short 10 mile, from here, Hayes, through Bromley and back again. No stopping at pubs now, its too dark, and cold, and wet!

We headed off up the path and then down Oakly road. I was expecting to turn right and ride on to Hayes from there. But the OB said, "No, keep going, straight, straight, straight" Well I knew where that was going. I was thinking he was going to go to Keston Ponds, then turn right from there, but then he said "Biggin Hill, thats where we are heading" Flipping nora, that was not in my psyche! Can I manage to get to Biggin Hill, I have not even thought about going that far, especially after todays thunder storm! (I was, in fact, thinking a nice cosy night it, with maybe a kebab for dinner!) But onwards and upwards I went, with the OB following behind me, closely. Too closely! He knows he makes me nervous when he is behind me. I do tend to slow down a lot, and when I haven't got anyone behind me I like the freedom to be able to stop.

Which I did. just before I got to the top of Leaves Green! I only stopped for just a few seconds, just to get my breath, and to stop my legs from turning to jelly! Then it was back to riding. On wards and upwards to Biggin Hill.

I was quite surprised how quickly Biggin Hill seemed to appear! I knew I still had a long way to go before we turned left to start our journey back home. We were going to turn left at the Spinning wheel, which has now become a curry house. Must try that place soon!

I was thinking that we were going to go down Cudham North Lane, the road that always gets me blowing out my eardrums while riding up there! But no, OB had another plan that we were going to head to Knockholt and then to Greenstreet Green from Halsted!

Oh well, At least the rain has held off. I just kept on peddling, kept listening out for instructions from the OB when he was behind me, or following his two blinking red lights.

Once we got to Greenstreet Green I knew where I was going, I nice steady ride back, if the OB wanted to speed up and do his thing, at least I knew which way home to go. But he stayed in my sight.

We went up my very first nemesis hill, Knoll Rise. The OB was behind me again. I don't know why but having him riding behind me just makes me very nervous, I just can't ride up hills with him behind me. It's like I am getting marked for exams or something, I just go to pieces! So I sent ahead of me and then rode up the road at my own pace, style and peace!

I didn't take my Garmin, for one thing the battery seems to be losing life very quickly these days, so it was completely dead! The OB's bike gizmo is not doing as it should be either, so I mapped the route out on map my run, and it came out as 21.19 miles, which we did in just under 2 hours.

A very nice ride, just a pity that none of us had a penny to buy a pint! Next time

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