Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Just A Short Ride

hello bloggers.

My cold seems to have come back again today, why I don't know, I was feeling pretty good yesterday! Today, however, my face is flushed and energy levels back down in my boots.

So after parents evening I was just planning on snuggling under my blanket and watching the telly. I was sure the Old Boy would have left the house for his bike ride by the time I came back, so you can imagine my surprise when he was still here. I told him that I wasn't feeling very good, (and he informed my my face was looking rather pink!) he suggested just going for a very short ride to Hayes and back.

I knew I could do that, its only two miles away, and the promise of a pint and olives was all the more reason to get in the saddle. So I went up stairs and just changed into my cycling tights.

Off into the chilling air of the evening, towards Hayes, it was then that he informed me that he needed to get to a cash, so we needed to go through to the high street first!

Well, being out in the open does have a strange affect on you, it really makes you think that you are well enough, (apart from the coughing episodes that remind me I'm still fighting a battle with the cold) and so I was ok with that, evening though we had to go passed the pub, down the hill, which of course means coming back up! So after getting the cash, we carried on up the high street to go up the shorter but steeper hill. So I thought I would use this fairly quiet-ish road to practice my 'Getting my ass of the saddle and riding the peddles' maneuver. I was surprised how well I did this, and, I shall say this fairly quietly so the OB don't hear, easier than I thought it would be. Exactly what the OB has been telling for the past year and a bit! But I knew that I needed to be a little stronger in my legs to be able to these types of hills like that! Not bad for a 'cold suffering nanny' is it?

We went the long way home, well we was out, and I was thinking I should have taken my Garmin, but I am glad that I went out. The Old Boy took his Garmin, so geeky stats for you from his device.

And, just for a little extra info, yesterdays geeky stats from the OB device as well it shows an average pace of 10.8 miles an hour, which is what I was doing as he was behind me. so I am quite plesed about that.

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