Thursday, 22 March 2012

Where Do I Blog!

Hello blog lovers,

Well I have been having a good day today, and I am.. (and I shall shay this very quietly) feeling tons better. I was reminded by text this morning that I promised to go out for a short jog with Smarty pants. I'm sure some of you will remember her from 2010 running blogs.

So although I still got the cough, even my neighbours have noticed!, I thought I would be able to keep up with Smarty pants for a 2 mile jog at a very comfortable pace. She has only just stated to get back into the jogging, but I think she will come true to form and will soon be blasting out 10k in no time at all!

The first mile came and my chest was hurting, I couldn't even cough because,I don't know, too weak, to out of breath, too lazy! But I carried on running. there was a short 'get my breath, and head together, and then ran on home from there. I found it quite a struggle really, with my lungs trying to keep up with my legs and all that was going on inside, but I was glad to be back out and running, and running with Smarty pants again, (She don't nag me!)

so geeky stats for this bit.

And now the cycling bit. I wrote it on the cycling blog as I had done more miles!

I had the day off, which is how I came to be out running with Smarty Pants earlier, and the Old Boy was home at a reasonable time, so we prepared our dinner, when I say 'we' I off course mean 'he' and then I went off to put on my second set of cloths for today, and that's my cycling tights.

We had no particular plan, just head off while the sun shines and get there at a reasonable time. 'Straight up the A21' He tells me, "And then on through to Halstead" Well that means a load of hills, its a good job I managed to clear my lungs a little earlier this morning!!

So off up A21 and to the turn off that takes us to Halsted. We normally have a rest here by the OB says, "Keep on going, round the round about to take the last exit" My legs were really jelly like now, but I pulled up at the round about, looked for my right of way and pulled into the roundabout and stayed to the right, not tight against the raised roundabout mind. Just then the Old Boys front wheel touched mine, and he is moaning like..... whatever that I should be over to the right more, blah blah blah, and why did I cut him up, etc etc etc. I really hate him riding so close to me! I don't know what he does it! It's just as well that its not a busy little roundabout.

But now the hard work begins. All up hill now until the Spinning Wheel. I was just going to take it at my pace. Not kill myself trying to beat any records, this ride was just like my run this morning, just getting back out there after my recent cold virus!

It was about 3 quarters of the way down this road that we had to put our lights on, and pulled into the 'Tally Ho' pub car park to sort that out. I really thought we may have stopped for a pint as well, but we just discussed where we would be going from here. And that was to Hayes, and then time for a refreshing glass of something, with a bowl of olives! That seemed miles away to me, but it was mainly down hill from here so it shouldn't take too long.

I do like it when we reach the spinning wheel, because then every mile after that is taking us home. We flew down here, no other major incidents to report, but when we got to I think it was near the airport, he told me to pull up and to take a look to the left of us. Then I saw what he saw, The North Downs! shrouded in mist. It was getting dark by then, but you can still quite clearly make out the hills and the trees and the valley below! It makes it all the worth while riding a bike when you can see views like that! Later in the year I shall take a picture, when we still have daylight to take a decent picture of it.

Straight down here now, still going down hill, with just a very few up hill sections, and some were quite steep! After relaxing going down hill to suddenly have to use my legs again, it felt quite hard.

The turn off from Keston and Hayes was a welcome sight, and we turned left and carried on still going down hill, we covered quite a lot of ground. We decided to pop into the George at Hayes, and stopped for a pint of lager and my olives!

We chilled down quite a bit and realised that the aire temperature was getting very chilly indeed we were planning on going a little further into Bromley, and maybe doing another 10 miles, but again, we were not quite dressed for it. Even though I had my gloves on, I really wanted to have my wind cheater, so we both decided to ride on home after this.

So another 20 miles or so, and a fairly reasonable pace of 10.50 mph, perfect time for a decent time to get to Brighton for my record breaking time!

Geeky stats and again I shall up load mine from my running watch and the Old boys from his bike Garmin, his has the auto stop thingy

and Old Boys geeky stats, and as he was riding behind me, evething relataes to me as well.

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