Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Very Short Meander!

Hello Bloggers.

I have been feeling very sorry for myself for the past few days, after Mondays run through the woods. That was the last time I was out doing anything healthy. I think I must have the whole saying around the wrong way, "Feed a fever, Starve a cold" where as I have been in the ilk of "Starve a fever, feed a cold" Which is it, are there any doctors out there!

Anyway, the Old Boy persuaded me that it will do me no harm to just ride out to the 'The George' for a pint and some olives, I agreed with him, and so went up to get changed while the sun was still shining. The sun always cheers me up!

I was coughing a lot, and the slight coolness of the evening was affecting my body a little More than I thought. Maybe I should have wrapped up a bit more. But we got to the pub and I was feeling ok, after our refreshments I was in the mood to do maybe just a little more, so we decided to ride on to Bromley and stop for one more in 'The Belgo'. They do gorgeous muscles there, with a selection of tempting beers. We didn't have the muscles, but was tempted to the lager of course.

On the way up to the high street though, I did spot another cyclists and I head the Old boy behind me say "Go on, see if you can catch him up." Always up for a challenge, so of course I tried! But, I wasn't really ready, the cold virus is really still i me, even though the cool evening air, and the lager, was making feel better in my mind, my body was say, "Hang on Old girl, I'm busy here battling against cold bugs" and my legs just lost all energy, and I just plodded up the hill.

After 'Belgo's' we decided on our dinner, and the thought of going home and shoving in a bit of frozen fish into the oven wasn't very appealing, so for dinner, we decided to stop off for a burger, with extra side salad, not frites of course, because sometimes that is all you need!!

No geeky stats today, no Garmin, no pressure, this was just a pleasure ride, just to get out and clear the head and the lungs! About 10 or 11 miles I guess.

And now, the cold virus is taking over again!! Oh well, It was a very pleasant couple of hours of feeling well again!

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