Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I love Summer!

Hello Blog lovers.

Today was a kind of rest day! And these days a rest day means a nice very leisurely ride of about 9 ish miles, with us enjoying the establishments of the local hostelry's!

It's what keeping fit is all about. Why sit in, watching the goggle box, playing silly games on the computer, stuffing your face with what ever is left over in the fridge or plates of the kids! Getting out there, on your bike, having a brilliant healthy relaxing fun time! You just cant beat it!

I did set my Garmin on the first bit of our ride this evening, but I forgot to start it after our first stop! So geeky stats are from the Old Boys Garmin at the end of this blog. Even I don't know how far yet, which is why I said about 9 ish miles! I cant wait to have a 'butchers' at it in a few minutes.

We didn't go to far, we both had exercised yesterday and on Monday. The Old Boy rode for 30 ish miles yesterday at, what I would call, break neck speed! an average of 14 mph! Way to fast for me!! And I ran with my club, very enjoyable it was too!

So this was just a relaxing 'day off' from exercises, out to enjoy the spoils of our hard earned fitness!

Yup, I think I am going to enjoy this summer, keep on running, keep on cycling and keep on blogging! The blogging is keeping me motivated!!! Reading back to my old blogs! I know that everything I am doing is working! Ok, so its a long slow progress, but it was a long slow progress that got me to 13 and half stone and size 18 clothes in the first place!

Keep on keeping on!

Geeky stats! (and remember, these are from the Old Boys Garmin and I always to to catch him up at the end of our road, so he is going to show fast pace!)

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