Monday, 2 September 2013

R'n'R - Racing and Rugby

Hello blog lovers.

What a glorious day it was today! Beautiful day spent with four very well behaved little boys at the Hop farm, put me in a brilliant mood for a nice cycle ride today.

So this evening I decided to do the old route, stick to that, stick to what I know and do as best as I can. Halstead is my first goal, get there as fast as I could, and work really hard to just keep going, obviously concentrating on my hands, and positioning and stuff! I got out and as we got up the ally I remembered to switch on my Garmin! I am going to use my own geeky stats this time, from my forerunner 110, ok so its a running watch mainly, but you can switch the icon on the website to a little bicycle, so you can tell which is which when you do a quick search.

As we were going along the A21, pass the lights at Starts Hill, I saw two other cyclists coming from there, cycling on the shared pavement.  They were all 'Lycra'd up' so I knew they would be over taking me at some point, if they were going my way that is.  So I made a consorted effort to get as far in front of them as I could, before they came onto the road and 'buzzed' me.  I could hear them getting closer, so I pushed a little harder, then two cyclists flew pass me! It wasn't them! It was two other cyclists! So a pushed a little harder, then the first of the two that I saw, passed me, I watched as he rode on pass the Old Boy, who was, now, in front of me.

I kept going concentrating on my 'race', there maybe one of them in front of me, but the other chap doesn't seem that keen on buzzing me!  I could hear him as he changed gears, was he 'using' me for a bit of a rest, slip streaming me (I had heard that on the cycling programmes I had been watching this year!) The Old Boy is always telling me to do that too, but I don't like cycling that close! or like anyone cycling that close to me either. 

He eventually over took me before the last roundabout before the turn off for Halstead. We all kept heading up the A21, with our missions in our minds.  I wonder if they will turn right and on to the Halstead road.  The first chap was waiting at the first turning to go right, I guess that has answered my questions.  But the other chap who by now had overtaken me was still riding straight up.  Then they all, that's the 2 chaps and the Old Boy, turned right.  Good, now is my chance to catch up, and maybe even overtake them!

I could see them ahead of me, I just put my head down and kept pedalling.  The Old boy was behind me now, I think he knew what I was up to, and just let me get on with it (of to see if I could do it).  I did say to him "If you want just fly up there, I will see you at the round about" but he wanted to stay where he was. 

Pedalling harder now, and up hill, I kept a steady pace going.  This is really going to be a testing ride.  But I need to get stronger! I need to build up more stamina! And I need to really test myself on my Specialized!  I started gaining on them! I was feeling very confident that I could catch them up, and who knows, maybe, just, don't be ridiculous women!  Not just yet, no overtaking yet, not until you can sustain the lead for some distance! But gaining on them and riding within a bikes length distance is what I want.  They were getting closer and closer, I was doing it! 

I could hear them having a conversation!  I had done it, couldn't quite hear what they were saying, (I was too busy keeping up with them to concentrate on anything else) I was very pleased, I stayed with them for the rest of the way to almost the top, but then I became a bit tired.  But they didn't get to far in front, and then they stopped at the top, me and the Old Boy stopped as well, I took a slug of his water, shoved my lungs back down my neck, and just rested up for a few minutes.  Then we were off again, the two other cyclists were still resting. (Shall I allow a quick smug look??? nah, it will only bite me on the arse!)

The next bit is of course through the village, through Knockholt village and then up to the Shampan.  I was just going to do this bit as a nice plod out, still trying to get up the hills a bit faster, but not knocking my guts out to do it. I got through this bit ok, nothing spectacular, and those other guys were obviously not coming this way, or just didn't want to keep the pace up again with me chasing them!

When we got to the Shampan, there, 're-grouping' was the Beckenham Boys and girls, looking as if they had had a good cycling ride too!  It was nice to say high to them all.  Then me and the Old Boy carried on our merry way, all down hill now, until Keston, and the Greyhound!  Perfect ride, pefect evening, and I enjoyed it!

Oh, and my hand is not too bad on this ride, although it feels a little weak, but not as much as it has done!  Little and often I think is the answer!

Geeky stats for you

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