Friday, 13 September 2013

Double Bubble!

Hello log lovers.

I guess the title today could suggest that I had a double bubble and squeak breakfast, or maybe even a double bike ride yesterday, (as this blog is all about yesterdays bike ride.) But it is neither of those.  It's because I had double exercise yesterday.  First was the Thursday Improver's group (my first as leader of a group) and obviously the second was a bike ride in the evening with the Old Boy.

I have been feeling a bit down, and tired lately.  The thought of going out on my bike into a possible wet dark evening wasn't getting my mojo going either.  So when the Old Boy suggested just going to Downe Village, I thought to myself, "I can manage that"  Going up the A21 and on to Halstead seemed a pretty hard trek today.  Even though getting up to Downe is pretty hard anyway, at least its that bit closer.

We headed off while the light was still with us, we both had good lights anyway for when we get further into the lanes, and for now the rain has not started.  Unlike the morning when I went running, mind you at least it stayed away until I got into my car! Hopefully the rain will stay away till I get home.  I had my Specialized bike again, as it's a short journey, and she does feel very comfortable, and I just love it.  I am really hoping that the problems I had with my hands before are a one off.  I am remembering to shift my hand positions, and when going down hill I have more confidence to go down on the drops so that I can get more leverage on the brakes.  For some reason, still, I cannot pull the brakes up hard when I'm riding on the hoods!  Is it just me, have I just got weak hands and grip?  Maybe some hand strengthening exercises need to be done. (I am sure I have said that before!)

The long climb up to Downe village was tough.  We had our lights on by now, in blink mode, just to alert drivers that we are on the road.  I kept thinking to myself "Why does it feel particularly tough tonight?"  I surmised that I was just not quite 100%, maybe even baby germs getting to me again.  The schools are back and the kids coming home sneezing and coughing and sharing their germs again, it's quite possible.  It could also be possible that it's because of lack of exercise this week in general, due to my first born coming home from Oz, has something to do with it as well!

Our route was going through the village and on to Jail lane.  Still with some more 'ups' but they don't seem as hard as what I had just done!  I began to feel a little more lifted as well.  Confirming the truth in the fact that exercises can help to lift moods! 

We got to the other end of Jail lane and the Old Boy gave me a choice.  Right, to go to Keston and then down the A21 through to Southborough and then through the park to home. Or left, UP to Grays road (about a mile of up hill riding) and then get to Cudham North Lane and turn left to go to the Blacksmiths, then down down down, over the round about, through to Orpington and then Up Knoll Rise!  I really did think about it, and I seriously considered going left, but my psyche wasn't with me and I decided to do the easier route and go right.

The ride down was brilliant, just sitting back after going through all the gears and letting the hill just take me was awesome!  Of course it's not all plain sailing down, there are a couple of bumps that you have to put some effort in, but all in all it's not that bad getting from Biggin Hill to Keston!  Mind you, when we got to the Greyhound it was closed! They are having it all decorated, so we had to continue our journey to Hayes and enjoy a pint at the George!

Lovely evening, the rain held off, and I wasn't feeling that cold, evening though the evenings are starting to chill down.

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