Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sheeeesh, Get Out Old Girl!

Hello blog lovers.

It was a struggle to get out of the house in my Lycra this evening.  Feeling a little jaded, and the 'Kiddie Germs' getting to me, I really had to force myself to get out of the door.  I even tried tempting the Old Boy to going to the pictures. That didn't work, so next I tried going for the jugular, and offering to buy  barbequed ribs from the rib house for him. But the Boy wasn't for swaying.

I knew once I got going it would be ok, it's like my running, once I'm there it's all good.  Usually though, the running is all over and done with, within the hour or less.  But having said that, we were only just going on a short ride, the O.B. could see that I wasn't 100% fit. Sneezing and drippy nose and the such gave him a clue.  So we were going to go through Bromley and head for Beckenham, West Wickham and Keston.  Not far at all!

We had a couple of hills to negotiate, hills that I really don't like!  Usually we were going in the opposite direction and going down them!  How I hate hills!  Trying to tell Tracy yesterday, when we were running up the inclines, that "hills are our friends! Embrace them!" I can just imagine her thoughts  at the time, now that I had struggled up those inclines!  But I didn't stop, I slowed down, obviously, but I didn't stop, for 12 miles solid I didn't stop, apart from traffic lights and junctions.  I was quite pleased with that considering how I was feeling! 

My legs are really complaining now though, still, its all good, rest day soon, on Friday maybe, if I don't fancy going out on a solo bike ride in the morning!

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