Monday, 30 September 2013

Got To Keep On Going!

Hello blog lovers.

One blog this morning, and another one now! What is this Old Girl coming to?  Well, this morning, as you know was a path finder jog, to find out the distance of a new route for me to lead the Thursday morning running improvers group.  And, looking at the geeky stats, it looks very flat, but it wasn't!  But my legs were deffo complaining about something!

So there, I have set the scene for this blog.  I was feeling a tad tired.  The Old Boy was dressed in his finery before I had even put one foot on the floor in readiness to stand up!  So eventually ready, we set off in the direction of Halstead.. Trying to get a pb on our usual route!  I just know its not going to happen, but still, its good to be out, and putting more miles on my Specialized too!

I was looking at the weather, and I decided that I would prefer to ride in my other gloves, (the ones that are not fingerless) but those ones lack something else, and that's the padding in the palms!  I removed my rings as well, as Eddie said that he finds that his wedding ring can put pressure on his finger where it really shouldn't be.  I am giving everything a go!

I was a bit chilly to start with, but I soon warmed up, even getting a little sweaty! In fact the evening was a very pleasant temperature for riding in.  Not chilly and not to warm either.  The Old Boy had put our raincoats on our bikes, maybe he had seen the forecast for the evening, I was pleased that our coats were packed needlessly. 

The plod up to Halstead roundabout was slower, even I felt it was slower.  But I was enjoying it.  As long as I am having fun on my bike then, that to me, is all I need.  Cycling and running are great for me, and I enjoy doing both.  I would hate to think that either of them become a chore! I will always try keep them fun and enjoyable.  Yes, there were a couple of rides in the past that have had me in tears, as my running had done, while training for the marathon.  But, once I sorted out my head, and got back to treating both as fun activities it has all fallen into place again.

So, here is my geeky stats for the ride, from the Old Boys Garmin, but he was riding in my slip stream (so I was doing all the hard work really)

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