Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Get Your Ass Out!

Hello blog lovers.

Wednesday evening and I was falling asleep on my chair!  I was so tempted to stay there, the weather had been blooming chilly all day, the wind was up, and the sun was being hidden!  Oh Summer, where are you!  I long for warm sunny days, riding with my pals, long summer evenings, just poodling about!  Yet here I was, snuggled under my blanket, snatching some stolen zz's.

But the Old Boy persuaded me to go get into my cycling gear! Again it was my long pants, and I even dug out my full finger gloves!!  I don't like being cold!  And trying to ride my bike while feeling cold is just not my idea of fun.  But the thing is, when we were ready to leave the sun did indeed come out!  It felt quite warm as I stepped out of my house!  Oh well, at least I wont feel the cold. But just as I got out of the gate the wind just blew again, I decided I was dressed just right.

We were only going to do the Downe Village route and back again.  I am trying to build up my bike fitness again.  I felt every single one of those 16 miles we did today.  Every single one, all that uphill climbing.  My legs were hurting.  I thought about Bims, when she does her spin classes.  Don't get me wrong, they are good, they do make you sweat and work hard.  the get the muscles working.  But they are also so easily 'cheatable'.  Take today for instance!  There I was pedalling up hill, trying hard to not think about stopping for a breather.

If I had stopped pedalling, uphill, I know I would have come to a full stop as I was that slow, and then I would have fallen off. Everyone could see that I had stopped pedalling, not working hard, not doing it, but if that was in a spin class I could so easily cheat! And sill look like I was working hard!  When I'm on my bike riding on these hills there is no cheating, there is only continuing, to the top, back down again and then home!

Yeah, I was feeling better about going out this evening.....once I had got to Downe village of course.  Looking forward to the 'sweeties' at the top of Jail Lane, the sweeties being the lovely down hill speedier section!

We stopped off at the George before riding home through Normans Park.  Yeah, I am glad I went out on my bike today, so much better to be tired for doing something rather than not.  Although running around after kids is fun, it doesn't get the heart rate up! But at least I did get my ass out there!

I wish I could share the geeky stats, but waiting for the Old Boy to download them!  I should have taken my Garmin!

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