Monday, 29 June 2015

Post Holiday Ride!

Maryann, Bims Me and Linda
Hello blog lovers.

I had a fantastic holiday, full of sun, swim pool, great food, drinking cocktails and long cool beer! And now I am having to work it all off!  Especially as prior to my holiday the only exercises I did was ride my bike, no running at all!

Today it was back with the Panagua ladies.  Bims was going, I think she realises that being out in the fresh air, especially on gorgeous days like today, is so much better than spinning on a static, and also another of my friends was going to come, Linda.  It will be her first time riding with this group.  She was there first actually, as I saw her as I was just riding up towards the shop.

Next came Bims, then Debbie and then finally another new comer, Maryanne.  She had come from South London, on the train to be here!  We waited for our leaders, and then waited.  I popped into the shop to see if it had actually been cancelled today.  I hadn't thought to check! It hadn't been.  We waited a few more minutes and it was way past the 10 o'clock start, so we decided that we will go by ourselves.  We all know parts of routes, so I knew we would all be ok, and as for riding in groups, well we had all done that too!

We decided to go to Downe Village, with Debbie leading the way.  I was quite surprised by the way she decided to go to Downe, it's not a way I would have gone.  It's good to learn new routes to places.  Very good for your psyche too! You never know quite where you are!  Of course, though, there was no avoiding those hills! Downe is up, now matter what way you go to get there!

A much needed stop!

We gave our new recruit a good tourist style ride, through the village but Linda gave the 'talk' as she had lived in Downe for years! We stopped off at Downe House to grab a photo stop.  Here, take a look!

Maryann, Bims, Debbie and Linda

From here we carried on down Single Street towards Jail Lane, I was thinking that maybe we would be going through to Biggin Hill, and then along the same route that I went with the Panagua Ladies on the first ride.  But Debbie took us down Berrys Green, it's another hilly little road!  Me and Linda decided to use the little path instead of going down the steep part of the road, but we still arrived at the end of the the path the same time as the other ladies came from the the other way!

We continued up, up, up the road. It's another undulating road!  There is just  no getting away from hills on todays ride!  We rode all the way along to the Shampan.  We took a little breather there before continuing along the way down Greys Road.  I was taking the lead for this part, well it's the easiest bit to do!  Just two straight roads really.  The first bit is a little undulating, but nothing like what we had done so far, and the the next road, Cudham Lane North, well, thats the sweeties part of todays ride!

Once we had finished Grays Road, I said to the ladies that it's a straight road, and we go all the way down to the end!  There are some of us that like to speed (ok, so nothing like the Tour de France) but going at some speed, all the way down.  I, for one, love these parts of rides, the gorgeous long down hills, going at your speed! We all met up at the car park at the end of the road,  I took a couple of action shots of Maryann and Linda!

Linda in action

Maryanne in action

Time was getting away with us, too much chatting I should think, and Bims and Maryanne needed to be places, so when we were riding down the A21 those two carried on all the way and towards Bromley, where Bims lives and Maryanne needs to get a train back to S.E. London.

Me, Linda and Debbie carried on up (yes more up's) Farnborough Road, I thought it would be a great idea to stop off at Americarlos for coffee and cake!  A perfect end to a ride.  From there, after our coffee and cake we all went back home different ways.

My Garmin had run of battery at the Shampan but here is what I had on it, it missed the Cudham lane!  So I have no idea how fast I managed to go down here!

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