Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Summer...Where Are You?

Hello blog lovers.

I didn't get to go on a ride with the Panagua ladies yesterday, I had childcare duties to do yesterday.  So I thought this morning I would go by myself.  Not as much fun, but can still be enjoyable.  I was walking back from dropping off at the local school I was thinking "It's bloomin cold!" I was pulling my cardigan around myself to keep warm.  "Long pants I should think" were my thoughts.

I also thought two layers on top as well!  I can't believe I am thinking this almost 10 days into June! Where is our summer?!  I come home, pottered about the house before going to get changed into my cycling gear.  And then procrastinated some more!  The weather outside is just not 'doing it' for me.  My disappointment about not being able to run is getting to me, and it's not as if I have even missed a run yet.  But by the time I have finished writing this, then I would have missed my Tuesday group 0 run and group 1 run.

I have asked PhysioMike about what I think I have, shin splints!  The symptoms are exactly right, and he has told me about how to stretch out the affected muscles and also that running should be avoided until it's all mended!  Believe me, when he said that if things get real bad they can cause stress fractures!  So, you can imagine, I am just a tad disappointed.

It could be that which is putting me in this procrastinating mood, feeling sorry for myself.  So i quickly got my bike out of the door before I went back upstairs to get changed again.  I rode just up to the end of my road "Oh my goodness, it's bloody cold" I thought "And this wind, this is not going to be pleasant!"   I really wanted to go back home.  And if it wasn't for the people in the garden then I would have done a U turn there and then.

I carried on up to Oxhawth.  "I will just go up to here and then back down Lovelace, just go home" I told myself.  My logic for that was that I wouldn't see the people in the garden as I would come in from the other end!  But once I got passed there I rode up to Southborough Lane.  The plan I had was to go through Jubilee park, and then all the other parks. But I was too cold.  I convinced myself to ride up to the Harvester and then I can through my local park.

But I didn't stop there.  Although I still wasn't 'Feeling it' I carried on right to the end and turned right towards Bromley, and then went through Normans Park. "At least it's further than around the block" i thought.  I went through Hayes,and I was tempted to stop off at the cafe, the cafe!! Really two miles in and I was seriously thinking about it.  I hadn't even worked off enough calories to even think about a coffee let alone stop and order one.....with a cake!

So I carried on, My plan now was to go along Barnet Wood Lane and turn left along Oakley and then go home via the path.  But when I got as far as the end of Barnet Wood Lane I turned right instead.  I knew if I went the other way I would have gone home.  But now my plan was to stop off at the cafe.  The cafe that I missed out on yesterday, I so want to try the raspberry and white chocolate muffin again!

With my new plan in place that is where I ended up!  No raspberry muffins thoough!  But I did sample the brownie with a coffee!  I also chatted with another lone cyclist.  He had come from Bermondsey and was just out for a jaunt like you do!

No geeky stats, as I didn't want the embarrassment of it being on my activities on my Garmin site. With hind sight I wish I had, after all, 5 miles on a bike is better than no miles on a bike! Right!?

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