Thursday, 11 June 2015

Off To GreenLand....Docks

Hello blog lovers.

Another day, another bike ride!  I am resting, honest!  I am not running! None of that high impact stuff. What a day for cycling though!  The sun is out, it feels warm, even the breeze that was around felt warm!  This is the day for cycling!

Bims called me about 1 ish to check that we were still going out, and I said yes.  "Going to London?" she said.  I ummed and ahhed, as that is going to be a thirty mile ride!  Was I up for that yet.  I have still only been doing 15- 20 miles.  And then there are those hills....on the way home!

"Yes we're do London" she said, breaking my moaning.  So London it was, I got it in my head, I thought about, I cogitated, I planned, not that there was much planning, and I got it in my head that London is where we are going to go.  I was prepared! When I got to Bims house she said "We won't have enough time to get there, so we shall just do another route"

I wasn't having that, I had it in my mind that we are going to go to London!  So I told her we will have plenty of time! She agreed, she likes that ride into London, I like that ride into London too!  Ok so it's not a fast ride, and there are some arseholes out there in their cars!  Why would drivers try and squeeze past you through the bollards?  They wouldn't do it if we were on a motorbike or another car, or even sat on a horse, so why on a bike?

We had to go via Roger's garage, as silly Bims had forgotten to leave her car key while they look at her car! Fortunately it's not too much of a detour. We headed for Beckenham, and Cator Park.  Yes, we are going on one of the Breeze routes that Yvonne showed us!  I love this route.  Once you get to Cator Park we just followed the WaterWay Link!  Love it.  So,there are pedestrians around, it don't matter, we haven't got plane to catch! And besides, my cycling is not about speed, it's all about the company, the going out, the pleasure!
At Cator Park

The route seemed to come back to us as we pedalled along, turn by turn!  There was just that one little place we always miss, just coming out of a path and then we need to turn right to go over the bridge. We always miss it!

It didn't seem to take long, but then again, we were no Laura Trott either!  It just felt so good cycling about that time and distance, at that moment didn't matter!  On the way home it will!  Bims spin classes are definitely working!  There was a time when I use to tell her to ride in front of me so that I can keep an eye on her, and now I am having to stay in front so that she don't cycle off and leave me!

We got to Greenwhich and I decided to text a friend "I'm outside your office" and he came out and had a chat!  We did try and persuade him to pop down the pub but that horrible stuff that we have to do on occasions, work, kept him from joining us!  I always thought that the pub we were heading for was in St Catherines dock, but it's actually in Greenland dock!

Enjoying the suntrap!

Bims enjoying the suntrap

Totally enjoyed!

Just another 15 minutes and we had 'found' the pub (we can never find it straight away) after going down this way and that!  I was just expected a pint and a packet of crisps but Bims went for the whole panini thing!  So I settled down for a long wait!  We also chatted away to a chap sitting at the next table, John, just about this and that, like you do.  He said he didn't live far.  Back in the old days, Surrey Docks, as they were then called, were full of council housing!  Hardly anyone owned their homes then, but these days, there is hardly and council houses left, and with all the development going on the homes are worth a ton of cash.  Hence the new name of Surrey Quays!

After being suitable fed and refreshed we made our way home.  Still smiling, still totally enjoying the day, and then Bims starts "Come on, I gotta be home by 7"  I didn't realise that time are really flown!  But to think that now she also wants to 'rush' getting home......oh well!  I shall try!

Just a couple of photos on the way back.

It was a great ride, loved it!  Love going into London, for just a nice pootle about!  I couldn't live back here anymore though, but it's still great to come back for a visit!

Geeky stats, not bad for a Thursday afternoon and early evening! Not the faster ride ever, in fact probably one of the slowest, but it sure was good!

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