Saturday, 23 January 2016

Extra Loopy

Hello blog lovers.

I'm a tad late with my blog, by about 3 days, but who's counting, right?  I had an unexpected free Wednesday afternoon spare, so instead of getting the vacuum out I got my bike out instead!  I gotta try hard to bring up my fitness on my bike!

The laps around Blackbrook Lane is what I did.  The weather was just perfect!  Sunny, not to cold and the streets were dry!  Even the traffic seemed a lot less that afternoon!  I felt pretty good too, maybe, just maybe it would be the day for a PB of Blackbrook Lane.

I wasn't going to look at my Garmin at all, not until I was on the way back home, for one thing, I really didn't want to feel disappointed if I was slower!  That was the plan I had as I headed towards the first of the loops.  Determined I kept a steady pace going up to the round about along the top and then tried to beat the lights, I didn't do it!  So then next time then!

I tried hard to pedal faster on the down hill section, but it is difficult to keep up speed with all the mini round abouts.  The second of the loops I thought I had it, I was pedalling hard, and it 'felt' faster, but the geeky stats will show if that was the case!  I got to the top of the road, turned left and tried to beat the lights! Again, I failed!  What is it with these bloomin lights, they catch me all the time!  Two more times to try and beat the lights!

The last two laps I still didn't beat the lights!  Oh well, I had hoped that the down hill sections would be able to push me closer to the PB that I am after.  I was feeling quite achy on my legs, I wondered if that was a case of working real hard.  I rode through the park and down the road to my house, I stopped my Garmin and.........1:00;04! Darn it! Still not beat it!  Must try harder,

So geeky stats for you.

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