Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Loop-de-Loop Time!

Hello blog lovers,

So, I've started something and I have got to keep it going!  Even if I am not 'feeling it', I need to just push through all of that, after all, it is only an hour.  I was thinking about all that I had to do today, and was wondering if I could fit it all in.  Some of it is a must, pick up from schools is not something I can say "I'll do it tomorrow!"  But I think it's just my tired brain thinking that I can't do it, trying to give me reason not to go out!

But out I went, after procrastinating for just a little longer, seeing as the spots of rain that I saw had stopped coming down.  My legs were feeling it, the run yesterday with my club and the first of my training loops were telling.  But 'No pain, no gain!' as they say!  What is that bollocks about anyway!  If it hurts it's because something has been done to you!  I tortured my muscles since Sunday morning, with only Monday as a rest day!  But still, I do know the difference between pain that is not good and pain that is, you probably worked bloody hard!

I rode up to the beginning of my loops, to the bottom of Blackbrook lane still trying to talk myself out of it, "I shall only do 2 laps, 2 laps is good for the way I am feeling" But straight away, that quiet voice popped into my head, only this time, it wasn't so quiet, "Just get on with it woman"  I actually think I said it out loudly!  Just as well there was no one around to hear me!  The first loop, getting over that bridge, I shouted again at myself, "Not so quiet now, am I Old Girl" said the voice again, "Come on, get up there woman" I shouted at myself.

The top of the road seems to have become 'That's the first one done' point, the going back down Southborough Road, seems to be the 'Right, get ready for the next loop' even though I still hadn't finished the loop I was doing!  It's funny how the brain occasionally kicks in to help you deal with things.  And if my brain thought that half way round was 1 loop, then who was I to say otherwise!

As you can see from my geeky stats I nagged and dragged my ass around four laps, as planned, and I felt good.....and smug!  Now to get home to see if it was the same time.  Again, geeky stats will show that I was actually slower!  Was I bloody annoyed at myself.  I posted in the new FaceBook page that I joined a few days ago, the fact that I did the loops again but was slower, and I put the expected sad face emoji on there! There are a few fellow Petts Wood Runners who are determined to lose weight and gain fitness, and give give great encouragement.  And one such chap, Cliff said this ;-

So you can imagine I felt tons better after!

So maybe for the first couple of weeks just try to aim for under the hour! And then start pushing even harder!

Geeky stats.

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