Sunday, 24 January 2016

Squeeze In An Hour!

Hello blog lovers.

I had to do it.  After having a lazy Friday, a socialising Saturday with no exercise what so ever, I just had to get out for an hours ride!  The thing is, I had church to go to, (and I had forgotten I was to open up!), shopping to do and then make a lasagna before I had a chance to go out!  But I managed it.

I just made sure that I had everything done, and everything with me. I put my shoes on and then.... bam!  My back just started hurting!  Not to much, just like I had been sat at a desk to long, type of hurt. What the heck is that about!?  The thing is I was just getting up of my comfy chair, maybe it  was it the way I had sat on the chair, just before getting up? I had no idea.  But I still went out, I thought maybe I would 'work' it off.  I felt ok sitting on the bike as the only time it really hurt is when I stand up!  Lets hope I don't have to un clip too often at traffic lights and round abouts.

I started my Garmin up and then just rode on out of my estate and started the first lap of Blackbrook lane.  I am taking notice of all that has been said to me, to keep on pedalling, no relaxing!  The first lap went by quite quickly, I thought to myself I could, if I stay at this pace, get a PB.  But I had the lights, they were green when i got there, can I be lucky three more times?

On the second lap, my back did twinge a little more, just going over the lumps, but I still felt I could complete what I had set out to do, but I should just take care of where I ride over.  I suppose this is one thing I can do if my back plays up, which it has been known to do every couple of years or so.  I don't know why, it just does!  Usually when I'm somewhere else and I need to get back.

By the third loop I was really enjoying it, working hard, feeling my legs hurt (the good hurt, not like the horrible hurt in my back!), even if I didn't get a PB, I think I would feel satisfied with todays ride, as I worked hard on the continuous pedalling, which set me up just nicely for the fourth and final lap, and so far I had managed to keep on through the lights, not stopping, just slowing down a bit!  But the fourth time I had to stop at the lights!

It felt quicker, if felt a lot quicker, at that point I would be surprised to see at least 10 minutes off, but of course that would be to much, it will take time to knock of 10 minutes.  I was tempted to look at my Garmin, just to see, just to encourage me on the way back home!  But I didn't look, I kept going.  Work harder each time I do the laps, that's what I need to do, keep a steady pace through out each session, but each session work harder each time!

So, I get home, back twinging away like a good 'un, but I was feeling pretty good, I checked my Garmin and baboom!!! A nice shiny Personal Best!  I hobbled into my home, sore but very happy!

Geeky stats.

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