Monday, 7 March 2016

Hello Blackbrook My Old Friend!

Hello blog lovers.

So this morning I was feeling a tad delicate after celebrating Mothering Sunday with a couple or so of pink stuff in bottles!  Was very nice!  And I could remember reading that the Panagua Ladies were going to be hitting some hills!  Hills and speediness plus delicate disposition just didn't sit very well at all with me.  I let the ladies down very gently!

I had another couple of hours to get over my delicate situation and into my cycling gear.  I wasn't sure how I was going to do today, I mean the last time I was on my bike was on the 17th Feb!  That's like nigh on 3 weeks ago!  What have I been doing?!  The sun was shining, that's always a good start, there were blue skies and the school traffic had obviously all gone. Perfect for a training run.  If those Panagua ladies are doing what they said they were doing I am going to need to build up my strength and speed!

With the sun shining brightly through my darkening glasses thoughts of yesterdays indulgence of grape juice came painfully back, knocking loudly in my head!  The ride will do me good!  My Garmin was ticking away the time. Time that I want to be under the hour for when I get back!  I was surprised at how windy it felt.  I could hear the wind yet the trees didn't seem to be moving!  Maybe it was me that was moving fast!  when I turned on to Oxhawth Crescent I looked right, to make sure that there were not cars coming, 1) because it's a safe thing to do and 2) because I wanted to be the only person riding pass the traffic signal thing that tells you how fast you are going.  Usually I ride pass it at 15 mph, today however I rode passed it at 18 mph!

Maybe it's not going to be too bad.  I started the first lap of Blackbrook, My head was already feeling tons better, lets get this session done!  I could see that the sunshine is not going be with us for the whole of the afternoon, I just hoped that it will stay until then of my training ride.  The second lap is always good, half way there, and it don't feel like it's only halfway, thats how short these laps are, but doing them I cover 11 miles!  On my second lap and for the rest of the laps there were some w...... rather impatient people in their motor vehicles wanting to get passed me at skinny parts of the road, at the people crossings, at roads with cars parked at the side!  Why must they do that!?

Anyway, with the fourth and final lap done I head on home, I wasn't feeling confident that I had a PB, as I felt a bit tired on the last two laps, but the telling will be on the Garmin!  I was very pleased when I got back and saw that I had indeed kept it under the hour!  so, geeky stats for you!

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