Monday, 21 March 2016

Evening All!

Hello blog readers.

It's been a while since me and the Old Boy went cycling in the evening.  Things have kept our evening cycling well and truly banished, work, tiredness, but mainly weather!  This evening it was quite a pleasant evening.  When I got outside my house with my bike I had thought that maybe I have too many layers on!  But we will see!  I would rather take a layer off rather than get too cold!

We were only going to do a tiny little ride, 10 miles or less, just to get back into the habit of getting out during the evening!  I programmed my oven to stop cooking at 9:00 so we had to be back for that, it was already 7:30 by the time we got out of the house.  Our route was just the little one up through Jubilee Park the on the way to Bromley, taking in a locally know landmark.....David Bowies house where he used to live!

It was a good ride, not particularly fast, but getting used to riding in the dark again.  I'm not particularly fond of riding in the dark, the lights of the cars are blinding, and staring at the Old Boys flashing back light is enough to cause hypnosis!

I had forgotten to switch on my Garmin, and remembered only after getting to Crestview Drive! But so only about half a mile is missing.  Mind you, the Old Boys Garmin read 9.10 miles,  How that has happened I don't know so I think I like his geeky stats!

Here's mine, with the missing half mile clearly shown, with a good stretch of the imagination it makes my route look like a tuning fork!

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