Monday, 14 March 2016

Hello Blackbrook.....Again!

Hello blog lovers.

I saw on the Facebook page that the Panagua ladies will be going on a challenging hilly, speedy (12 mph, that's speedy to me!), non-stopping ride today.  I just knew I would struggle to keep up with them.  I want to keep my riding fun with the odd challenging hill to make me feel alive thrown in.  I have been practising, doing my laps, trying to at least keep to a steady 11 mph speed.  But that is without the hills!

So this morning, instead of rushing about, making sure I had everything ready, (I do panic and fuss when I'm meeting the girls).  There's usually a little more to remember than just my door key, and I still usually forget something.  But just going around Blackbrook Lane laps, well, all I really need is my bike!  One hours riding, non-stop as fast as I can, and all local so I don't need to carry a drink!  No cake stop, no chatting having a laugh!  But, I am getting fit, I am on my bike's getting warmer!

It was quite chilly this morning, I was thinking I had the better deal than the ladies! When I left my house to start my training the sun was shining brightly!  Yup, I love riding in the sun!  It was still a bit chilly but I knew that I would warm up as I did my exercise today.  What do you think about on a ride? On a solo ride? Just you, or in my case, me!

1.    I wonder if there are going to be any plonkers about today!
2.    I had better get a good time today.
3.    I wonder what the girls did today!
4.    Here we go, lap 1 of 4.

I was at the beginning of Blackbrook lane!  Always on this first lap now my thoughts are

1.    Right, first one done! (I know, only just started and I'm wanting it done!)
2.    See you pot hole, just three more times I'm passing you!
3.    Blimey, I got to do this three more times?
4.    I hate this bridge!
5.    Can I get to the lights before they!

I always seem to get caught at the lights along the top!  Thats ok at least it's a breather!  My thoughts normally continue along that vein until the last lap, then I start getting happier thoughts, like,

1.   Yes, nearly finished
2.    I can't wait for my cuppa.
3.    What shall I have for my lunch.........oh yes, I remember!
4.    I don't think I got a PB today!
5.    At least this is the last lap!
6.     Where were all the plonker drivers today!
7.    I miss riding with the girls!

Just the last little bit through the park to do, I was really trying to keep the speed up.  My feet were feeling a bit cold, but the rest of me was just nice and toasty.  Why does my feet always suffer!?  I rode back along Whitebeam and turned into my road.  To me it felt slow, what with the wind that seemed to be head on on the way up Blackbrook and on the way down Southborough Road, How is that possible!  Maybe a little cyclone had developed just in that area!

So my geeky stats.  I actually put them up on my Facebook first thing, mainly because I still got under the hour, which I am pleased about.  But something that made me feel really confident was a comment from Debbie saying that I actually cycled faster than they did this morning!  Ok, so they probably had a few hills thrown in there to slow them down!  But, I will take that!  I will soon be able to 'stray fresh looking' on one of our less challenging (for the girls) rides soon!

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