Monday, 30 May 2011

A Bit Of R And R!

Hello blogees, I'm back!

Now, can I really write up a blog about my short break. Well I think so, as it involved getting on my bike and peddling.

Me and the Old Boy treated ourselves to a short break in the New Forest. 'A cyclists paradise' as one pamphlet read. And it really is. There is something for everyone in the New Forest, trail rides, road rides, short ones and long ones, plus there are pubs-a-plenty, great accommodation, and fine dining. Blimey, I should get paid for this advert!

We arrived at our hotel in the Woodlands area, and virtually as soon as we unpacked we were itching to get out and just sus out the land. We only went for a very short ride, here is the geeky stats and some pics from our Saturday ride.

It was a lovely ride through the woods, even though we got a bit confused with the map that we were using, but the map we had was not a brilliant one, honest!

But of course, as we are on holiday, we stopped off a a pub, and talked about the ride that we shall do tomorrow, over a lager and a packet of crisps, before we headed off back to our hotel to start our fine dining experience. We went for a lovely Thai meal in a very relaxed restaurant which was attached to a spa hotel! Maybe we should have booked into that one instead! I had forgotten to take pictures of our dinner, but, it was very tasty, nothing extraordinary mind, but still very tasty!

Sunday we had our longer ride planned for after breakfast, or at least after breakfast had settled! We set off at about 11 ish, with a route in mind, and a proper sense of direction this time. (well, we did have a drive about before dinner the night before)

The weather wasn't at its best, but at least it didn't rain on us, even though the forecast was for light showers that day. But, we are on holiday, and we have our bikes, that this is going to be a pleasure ride! So the weather is not going to spoil it, and if it does rain, then, we could be always pop into a local hostelry!

Anyway, popping into a local pub was on our agenda anyway, and we were armed with a map, plus, another cyclist told us of pub that was even nearer than where we had planned.So were headed off in that direction, following the rider who told us about it, as that is where he was heading!

The cycle routes are just great, well, stony, but no cars, or traffic about. And there is always the ponies to see and cattle and deer, roaming free! We did do some roads as well, I am a townie after all!

Its great coming across the ponies just wandering along the road, eating, always eating, forever eating!! I wish I had my camera read when I saw one pony looking really fed up, I guess he was just sick of grass eating! But here is the geeky stats and some pics of our Sunday ride.

This is the meal that we enjoyed on Sunday, it was absolutely delicious, thoroughly recommend Lanes of Lymington! mmm mmm mmm

We did stay until Monday, and we had planned on going for another ride, but when we woke up it was drizzling. That horrible drizzly rain that just floats about getting you soaked to the skin. So, we just packed up, strapped the bikes to the car and ......headed off for a drive! Of course we stopped at a local, for lunch, (me, having a lager with mine, and the Old Boy on diet coke!)Not fine dining but still, it was tasty. Then we made our way home.

Oh and one last stop at one of our locals so the Old Boy can partake in the last of the lager drinking for this week!

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