Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Short Ride - Long Look AT New Blog Page!

Hello Blog lovers. Ok, so now I am really confused! I hate it when things change, I just get used to something, then enjoy it, then get set in my ways, and then they change things! Why is change necessary, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is what I say! I have started this post again, because for some reason, known only to blog site owners, they have taken away the automatic save thing! So when I accidentally clicked off this page on to another page, it was all gone! Grrrr! Luckily, this is only a short blog! The OB isn't feeling too well, he has this cold thing now, and I hope it don't feel the need to share it with me either! He wanted to go out for just about 10 miles, a nice and easy ride, (Well it turned out that way, after I talked him out of going up to Downe Village!) We decided to go to Chislehurst via Locksbottorm, but then we changed the route slightly and rode on through 'Milliaires row'! Oh I just love looking at this houses, and marvel at how someone can live in those huge houses. I can only imagine they have the entire family living there with them, even after they all get married! So it really was a short route, from there we followed the path that takes us to the very top of the woods that come out of our road. In fact it's part of the Old Boys 10k route that he does. (Ok so now I can see blogger is 'flashing, I presume its saving my blog, but I just don't know where it is! I expect I will get used to this new system) We followed the OB's 10k right up to the point where he goes into the woods, but then we carried on going right up till we got to the Tigers Head! A quick pint of amber nectar, and then we decided to go n home through the woods. All in all about 9.5 miles, a nice stretch of the legs. Now to see if this post goes 'live'!

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