Friday, 8 April 2011

Lovely day! Lovely Ride. Lovely Lunch!

Hello blog lovers.

Oh how I love, love, love summer! Ok its spring, but WOW! its totally gorgeous out there today!

The Old Boy had his plans today, and I have mine. Well mine are not particularly grand, just to have a very nice morning, tiny bit more shopping, (things I forgot yesterday) and then a lovely ride through the parks. Since the Old Boy got his bikes I have been around some fantastic routes, and now they are all virtually etched into my one brain cell, and I intend to use these routes, before I forget them!

I like the parks route. So today, its going to be a leisurely ride through three parks, Jubilee, Whitehall and then Normans. In my mind is a wonderful thought of bacon and brie melt. So far the best one has been in GSG. So from Normans park I shall head on to there, if I can remember the way.

The first park is just lovely, people walking the dogs,.....their huge dogs..... I hope they don't take to chasing ladies on bikes! It must be the size of a horse! Out through the other side, and slowly, slowly, the map co-ordinates of the next park pops up in my mind. Of course, straight down as if I am going to nagging Sisters house, but turn left through the foot path at the end.

The next park, again, lovely. Its so good to see parks being used, kids playing footie, couples sharing a jumper to sit on, on the grass, and children in the play park. Life is good.

Normans park, wasn't too much of a challenge to remember where it was! Straight down the road from the park. Memories of the 'mob' match came flooding back to me, I so wished I had pushed harder on the running! Next time though I will. Oh that's this Sunday! Not a mob match, but another organised run. Its the annual Bromley Fun Run. There will be fancy dress, a kids 2k race including a those in pushchairs, and it's all light hearted and fun! If you are in the area, this Sunday, at 10 am, then come along and join in the fun.

Heading towards Hayes now, on the other side of Normans park. And trying to remember how to get to Green Street Green from here. Oh I'm sure it will come to me some where along the line.....or road! I am passing dilliangers, mmm now they do do some tasty ribs in there, but I am still thinking bacon and brie, so I push on. I spot a sign that says 'Keston' I know I am on the right road. Just keep going straight Old Girl, I'm sure my nose will pick up the scent of bacon and Brie soon.

I arrived at Fishponds road, and then my brain cell goes slight awry, I'm not sure if I should turn down there, or just continue up. Of course! My super duper phone is now working, complete with sat nav! I quickly dug it out of my back pocket, input bacon and brie....I mean Green Street Green and away we go!

It was up, I knew that! So with the lovely 'Jane' telling where to go, and how far to ride till next turning, I could just concentrate on the ride, the traffic, the lovely sunshine, and making sure other motorists notice me so they don't run me over.

I got to GRG, ordered my lunch, turning off Garmin!, and sat down to enjoy it.

Time to go though. I was going to go through Opington and head for Perry Hall lane. I have done the hill a couple of times now, and I am sure I can do it again!! I am looking forward to 'kicking ass' as I 'do' the hill again. But what I didn't count on was the amount of traffic around this time of the day! I had to stop before I got to the round about, and then 'scoot' up slowly. I just knew I wouldn't be able to get over the roundabout, quickly and safely, and I would probably annoy other road users, so I got off my bike and just pushed it over to the other side, just in front of the next set of bollards, and then got on a rode the rest of the way home.

As I was just at the crest of the hill on Southborough lane, or is it Frankswood that bit, I never know!, I head a "Hello!" Shouted at me from the bus stop. It was my daughter with the little dude! He has just come back from his football training, looking delicious in is red football kit. I stopped had a quick chat, and then daughter persuaded me that she needed me to ride home and get the car to come back and pick them up, as the little dude was tired!

So there was no going through the last park for me, it was turning off and going down Oxhawth to get home quickly. but by the time I got home, put my bike away, got moaned at my big son for not being at home (sorry for being out son!!! Not) found my car keys and started to walk to the car, then the bus arrived and they both got off.

I could have gone through the park after all!

Oh well, geeky stats, and you can probably see, I forgot to switch off the Garmin again, at least it does let me know what my moving time is!

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