Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hang the Bikes!

Hello blog readers.

You like the title of the blog today? Have me and the Old Boy given up on the whole cycling thing? Have we posted our bikes on ebay? Well the answer to all of the above is a resound NO!

In fact it's the complete opposite. We bought our selves a bike rack, just so that we can go further afield, take the bikes on holiday, and just explore more of our great country side, and (apparently) more trail riding!

We had a little bit of running around to do this morning, creeping into Essex and making it back out again with the urge to pop in and buy some white high heeled shoes! Then we went to buy the bike rack.

It was late afternoon by the time we got it home, figured out how to put the thing on and get the bikes hung up it and secured. Its a rear high mount bike rack! So, as the bikes were sitting comfortably up there, we decided just to test it out, and take the bikes for a spin.

We drove up to Tonbridge, and took the bikes off. Well, that seemed to have went well. The bikes were safe and sound up there, no damage to them, and the Old Boy had a great view out of the back window. "It's just a confidence thing" he said, "But I think I will get used to it" said the Old Boy.

We rode around the park at Tonbridge for about an hour. He also took me down some path which he hoped would take us to the other side of the road bridge. But it was far to overgrown, and not a very well used path. "Maybe its another path, on the other side" he said as we picked our way back again.

We rode about a little more, and then headed on back to the car, with the idea of grabbing a coffee before we went home. Now, I forgot to take my Garmin, but the Old Boys super duper bike gizmo said that we had done just about 7 miles, through the woods, along the river and through the park.

The Old Boy said that he wanted to put the bike rack up onto the car by himself, and put the bikes up on it, as he is going to have to do that by himself come L2B day! So the practice will be good for him. I didn't mind, as I just watched while I finished off my coffee.

All in all, quite a successful day!

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