Monday, 11 April 2011

Lighter Days Are Here!

Hello Bloggers!

Another pleasant afternoon, followed by a windy evening! Just in time for me and the Old Boy to go for a bike ride!

And it really was a bit windy, and the clouds were darkening up, threatening to give us a good soaking. We did have a plan, we had a plan of taking a light back to the shops and exchanging it for something else, but the Old Boy in his eagerness to get out and cycle, left it on the kitchen table! So as the weather was not looking to bright at all, he decided that we will stick fairly close to home, in case we need to make a quick dash home.

So through Whitehall rec, down the road and then into the woods we went. The woods where I ran the 10K back in October 2010. It really is such a lovely place to be, but then the Old Boy said, "That's where we are heading" and he pointed up at the hill, that even had Naggy herself wondering why on earth she had entered the 10K race. If he thinks that I am going to ride up there, then he is truly mistaken!

I did have a go though, but of course, failed miserable. But what a place to fail. At least I can look out over the field and the same old bored looking sheep that me and Nagging Sister saw back in 2008, and don't anybody tell me different, that would be too cruel! Not only that but there are the bluebells to look at on the right hand side, carpeting the floor of the woods. Oh yes, I don't consider this as failure, just a little break to take in all of His creation.

At the top of this mountain there were several options, but the Old Boy said, "You know where you are don't you?" I knew kind of 'ish' which way to go, but we turned left and ended up outside a pub!! Now I didn't know that was there! So we had a quick pint of lager and a packet of crisps! Lovely! The back on to the biking.

When the Old Boy bought the bikes he did say that as soon as the weather warms up, and the longer days are here, then there will be plenty of new trails to ride through. Of course he has his suspension on his! And his is gloating right now. We were riding on a path and we turned to go up another. There was a sign saying, 'Horse riders and cyclists use other path' Do these people that decided on that know what its like to ride along a path that has been trodden on by horses? I was bumping along, bottom coming off the saddle, feet coming off the peddles. It was a hair raising ride, let me tell you.

We soon came out of the woods though, going along some more of the Petts Wood 10K route. I can't wait to do that run again! (My goodness, did I just really say that here on cyber space!) I do love tarmac, I can get a bit of speed up, I don't have to concentrate too much on the road and huge tree roots and the like!

From here it was a straight forward ride home. The Old Boy zoomed through the park, and up Whitebeam. I was just following his trail dust! But I tried to go as fast as I could!

Yes, today was a pleasant ride indeed!

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Pictures to follow, soon!

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