Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Very Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

Hello blogees,

I know I have had a couple of days off from doing any sort of physical activity, but today, as the Old Boy was off today, we bunged the bikes on to the back of my car and drove off to Tonbridge.

I told you he wanted to do this route again. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, and we had a destination, Penshurst, in particular a lovely pub called the Leister Arms. So with that in mind we headed off.

I had forgotten to take my Garmin, so there are no geeky stats today, but the Old Boy had his bike gizmo, so at least we can get an idea of time and distance. I am enjoying reading and comparing all the data!

We took a fairly leisurely ride to Penshurst from Tonbridge, all along the cycle paths, with only a little bit of road riding involved. But the cycle paths were really good, there were no muddy holes anyway, and they were well signposted as. It was just as well because there were tons of people about! Walking, cycling, it was just great to see, but at least we knew bit of the path we should be riding on, although we did get slightly confused on one part, and was told so, by the walkers!

It took us about 40 minutes to get to the pub from where we had parked the car, that is actual moving time, as the Old Boys gizmo only records moving time, but we did stop and see the marching band and all the cubs and brownies marching along behind them! Now we know why it was so busy today!

The ride there was fairly straight forward, with only one long steep part! But that bit was on concrete, and it was fairly wide, so I just put my head down and peddled hard. The Old Boy seemed to fly up there. I saw him stop nigh on at the top, and he was watching the buzzards looking for their Sunday dinner, as he waited for me!

But we soon go to the pub, and the Old Boy bought me a nice pint of lager! Very nice it was too! But it was just so nice out we stayed for another half, and a lovely bowl of chips. We were going to share just the one bowl, but somehow, our ticket was lost in the kitchen, and the very apologetically came to us with two bowls of chips. And then the waiter sais "I hope you can get up the hills after this" I wasn't even thinking hills as I tucked into the lovely, fat (not the thin french fries thingys) chips!

After consumer most of the chips and just enjoying the sunshine a little more, started our journey back home. But for some reason the Old Boy had it in his mind that we was in a hurry, or that he wants me to shed my chips on route!! We peddled back the same way like there was no tomorrow. The Old boy was in front of me, but I kept up with him fairly well! the only part that I struggled on was the up hills, but the rest of the way I was on his back tyre.

He kept looking behind him, and he could see that I was their, still pretty close to him, keeping up this ludicrous pace, with a bowl of chips and and pint and half of lager inside of me. Probably just as well, I'm less fearless now! There was no stopping to admire the birds this time, no stopping to look at fish in the rivers, or no marching bands to listen to. Oh no, it was ride, ride, ride, all the way to the car!

We got back to the car in 25 minutes!! We averaged about 14 miles per hour on the ride back to the car! I was quite glad the Old Boy said that we should just poodle around the park, doing a slow ride, to cool down.

So I shall write the geeky stats down, according to the Old Boys gizmo

Mile 12 miles plus 1 mile around the park
time: Moving time was 1 hour 24 minutes including slow ride around the park
Temp Max 72f

plus no doubt a couple of pounds heavier due to lager and chips !!!

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