Friday, 29 April 2011

A Right Royal Bike Ride!

Hello Bloggers.

How did you all celebrate the royal couple, William and Catherine? Well, we watched it on the telly, me getting all smiley and happy, as I always do at weddings, and the we decided to go for a short (ish) bike ride. With maybe a a stop at flag festooned establishment, to toast the royal couple!

We decided to go to Shoreham, there is a very nice little pub there, and its not to far to go and get back home again, after toasting the new Prince and Princess. Of course it means going up to Halstead, but I'm sure I can do that. It should be a breeze after the last long, long hills. And I feel I did really well, I felt a little stronger, and I didn't complain as much. Of course it's still hard work, it's still hard on these 'big engines' of mine, but I feel I am getting better, I am getting fitter, I must be, all this hard work.

But, today is not about hard work, this is a recreational ride out, a shake of the legs, so to speak. On to Halstead then and the we turn right that takes us in the direction of Shoreham village and our pint of refreshment.

We seem to come across it quite quickly from here, there was another hill to negotiate but nothing spectacular and I managed to do it with not too much moaning escaping from my lips, well, not that I had noticed anyway. The pub was decorated in red, white and blue bunting, and little Union Jacks. There was a bouncy castle outside for the kids, which is why I decided that we have our pint inside the pub!

As it was lunch time we decided to have a bite to eat, but I suppose being it was a bank holiday, all they had on offer was burgers, sausages cooked on the barbie, or pizza and paella, neither of which I fancied, so we shared a bowl of chips, which were ok, ish!

After our pint we headed on our way. We were going to Eynesford, of course there is a lovely place there, and no doubt it will have the bunting out. The weather is quite warm, not raining at all, and I'm sure another drink wont be out of the question. So guess what? We headed for the Plough at Eynesford, well, it is a special occasion. I had forgotten to restart my Garmin, but I remembered as we were riding there, so I think there is about a mile that is missing, and it looks as if I cut across fields again, but I really didn't, honest!

It is not that far from Shoreham to Eynsford, and we were soon there. We could see the wet road where some of the cars had gone through it. The Old boy decided that this was a good thing to do on his bike! It was only a foot high! I don't think he realised how much a foot of water would come up on his bike. I just wished I was a little faster and could have been on the other side to take a picture of him as his feet were getting a good soaking!! I just looked over the bridge, along with another lady and we both smiled at the sight!

Still, it didn't stop us from having another celebratory drink at the pub! Only I would have to go and get it, the Old Boy didn't fancy squelching his way through the pub! The sun was still out, although there was some clouds about too, but still no rain. It was a perfect day! We found a nice place on the patio out the back and enjoyed another lovely pint!

The hill that normally gets me moaning, up Crockenhill, seems to be having less of an impact on me with each sip of my drink. Mmm interesting! Still, we had our pint, and squelch, I mean the Old Boy put his wet shoes back on and we made our way homeward bound.

We needed to stop of at Halfords to get a few bits, so we decided that we might as well go through Botony Bay Lane, and through the woods. It sounds delightful doesn't it! Its even better than that, because just before we ride down Botony Bay Lane, there is another pub that me and the Old Boy normally visit. And today was no exception! Well, it is a very special occasion! Another toast to the happy royal couple! There is not going to be too many roads to get home from here, so I didn't mind.

After our last drink we headed down Botony Bay Lane, passed Tong farm, and......up and over two foot bridges!! Still, I am glad that I have a lighter bike than my old Raliegh. Not far to home now. The rain stayed off, we saw a few street parties on our travels and everyone was happy and in very good moods. A very pleasant recreational ride today!!

By now, though, cooking dinner was very appealing to either of us, even though we could eat, so only one thing for it! A lovely jubbly Ruby Murray!!

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