Monday, 18 April 2011

Roe Deer, Pheasants and Sun Sets!

Hello blogers,

Yes, I did go out again this evening, for a lovely bike ride with the Old Boy! A menagerie of animals and birds to see and a wonderful sunset!

But, yes, there is that but again, ....But I could only see the sun set. We were riding up Cudham North Lane, a humongous hill, of mountainous proportions! The Old Boy seems to find this hill just fine these days, but I am still struggling, and I feel sure I always will! He rode up by the side of me and pointed to the field on the left at the roe deer, "Oh look over there babe" he says, "its a roe deer, can you see it?" I just had to concentrate on the piece of road in front of me. I think I said "Oh yes" I did have a quick look, but I can't look to my left, and ride up hill in a straight line.

We had already rode up to Green Street Green, well the Old Boy thundered up there, he was waiting for me there for about 3 or 4 minutes! Then he said "We can either carry on straight up the road, to badgers mount, or up Cudham North Lane for some hill training" I knew I shouldn't have said anything about Naggy doing her hill training yesterday!

I was just blase' about it, and said "Well lets get on and do it then!" I must be crazy! I had already ran 4 miles this morning! Oh well, its all doing me good, right?! So there we were, riding up Cudham and I was really having to concentrate on the whole of the hill. I was determined not to stop today, so the Old Boy pointing out creatures, that normally I would love to coo over, was not helping! "Keep pushing, get those legs going" he was saying, I was just looking at my road, my piece of road that I need to ride on..... There are many roads like it, but this bit was mine, ........Oh I am sorry, went into 'Full Metal Jacket' mode!

We passed a place that I remember stopping at last time, it was a cattery or kennels or something like that, but I do remember stopping there the last time I tried to ride this route. I let out a cry as I rode on past. "How much more" I cried out to the Old Boy, "Not far now, we are nearly at the top"

Yeah right! He told me when we were 3 miles up the eternal hill, that we were nearly there, so I just kept on going, and all I could see before me was more of the hill! "Are we nearly there now?" I said desperately, it was a pathetic cry really, and the Old Boy telling me that he was on the third gear, fairly high gear, (for me it was anyway) wasn't making me enjoy (as if!) getting up this hill. "How much further, how long is this hill again?" I said to him, but for some reason he didn't tell me!

Every time I thought we were about to turn right, then there was more hill to climb up, a still quiet voice said "This hill is a drag!, not enjoyable at all" If only it was a drag, someone dragging me up the hill! I just kept on peddling, I knew it couldn't be much more, and my efforts were rewarded. I had finally made Cudham North Lane in one go, my third attempt at doing this monotonous hill!

But then the Old Boy reminded me that the hills hadn't quite finished yet. There was a total barst..... opps, a total horrible hill that kind of jumps out on you and takes you by surprise. I remember it from last time, I was totally confused and instead of going down the gears, I was changing up! I shan't make that mistake again.

But even that hill, I managed to ride the whole way up, no stopping, no stopping what so ever until we got to the top and the junction! From here to home it was a virtually down hill, with just a few uphills thrown in to let us know that the fitness regime was not over until we get home!

I just really had loads of fun riding home, all down hill, no braking, unless it was because of traffic. I was getting hungry and so was the Old Boy, because even on the down hills he was nagging me to keep on peddling, as he wanted to get home for his dinner!

A great ride, pretty fast for me, considering it was a monster mountain I had ride up
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