Monday, 16 May 2011

Back On The Wheels!

Hello blogees!

It just had to be on the bike today, I am not going to be able to get out later with the Old Boy due to the next few Mondays evenings booked to do courses! So I decided that I will go out on my bike, by myself. It seems like quite a while since I have done that, and it felt like the first time I was going out by myself too. Where do I go? How far should I go. Do I tackle hills, or have an easy ride?

I think the Old Boy would be pleased with my decision. I decided to go straight up Keston and up a little further and head towards Shire Lane. I thought I would go down there, right to the end and then off to Greenstreet Green and Orpington, and then see how I felt from there.

So first of, its dodging dog poo down the path to turn around lamppost! Its easier when you're running, but on a bike, its like doing the slalom! Which reminds me, I must think about getting mud guards on my bike! Then up towards Keson. It was gone 12 when I had left, and I thought I may have seen my big son on the way home from school. He had just done his first GCSE today, English! Thought I would pat him on the back if I saw, but I didn't, his blushes were spared!

I looked up towards the hill thinking, I can do this. No pressure from anyone, traffic is fairly light, it should be a breeze. By the way, the weather looked as if it was going to rain, which is why I left it late to go for a ride! I should have been out first thing this morning! But the rain held off thankfully! There was a bit of a breeze about as well, but I just thought positive about that and said to my self "Its there to keep you cool, Old Girl" because going up the hill I was rather warm!

When I got to the round about that I needed I turned right, and this ridiculous thought popped into my heard "Lets go to Downe Village" Where did that come from? Where is old couch potato head when I need her. So instead of turning down Shire Lane I went up, up, up to Downe Village! I must be mad. I was also starving. I had suddenly realised I didn't have my breakfast, as I thought I was going out earlier and would have lunch when I got home! The thoughts of lunch started to fill my head as I peddled up to Downe village. "Mmm what can I have to eat." I always carry some money with me, in case I need cabs or what ever, and I realised that my route includes the Royal Oak pub! So that was that, lunch venue in mind and I was happy as larry going up towards Downe village.

It didn't seem that long till I got there, I checked my Garmin, 33 minutes. I am not sure if that is a PB for me or not, I shall check later. Just checked on one ride, I think its about average! Oh well. Anyway, no stopping here, head on down the road not towards Shire Lane and Greenstreet Green and Lunch!

Of course that part of the ride is easy peasy, mostly down hill all the way, and fairly flat to Greenstreet Green. Bike locked up, lunch ordered, sat down with a beer. Lovely!

After lunch though I had decisions to make again. Which way home? I could choose one of the hills, or I could add miles to the ride and head to the by pass! I decided to add miles to the ride. After all its only a few weeks now to my London to Brighton bike ride! I need to have has much miles as possible. So I headed on through the high street and down the bypass! I like cycling down there, there is a nice wide bike lane, and then it goes on to the pavement, which is good until you have to give way to traffic crossing the roads.

I could see the long hill up to where I turn off. It looks a long long hill, but I have done this a few times now, and I know I am stronger now than I was first time I tried it. Straight up, no stopping. That's what I need to do. A silly song popped into my head as I was cycling up here. It was driving me crazy. It was Frere Jacques, where that came from I don't know, but I kept my legs going to the pace of the song. and if it was a fairly easy bit of the road I made up words to song instead!

The thing is this song stayed with me all the way home! A silly ditty, and I found myself singing it out quite loudly in places too! Not a good sign really, some crazy old bird singing french nursery rhymes out loud bombing up and down hills!!

This bit of road was soon eaten up by my tyres and I was on to the next section, Chislehurst. The hills here, I felt were trying to intimidate me, but armed with my song and some daft words about the road, I soon ate that road up too.

Before I realised it I was heading towards Pettswood. Of course I have to go straight down Southborough, no need to change part of the route, (extra yards is always good, right?) And through the park, still singing that stupid song!

I got home stopped my Garmin and I was quite pleased to see many miles I had clocked up! Next time I shall do it without stopping for lunch! Lunch was an indulgence really, but it so tasty *drool, drool carrggghhhh* ooops sorry, just had a Homer moment. And I thought I was cured of those!

Geeky stats!

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