Thursday, 5 May 2011

An Even Shorter Ride Out!

Hello blog readers.

Well, today I was going to go for a run, cos the Old Boy didn't really want to go for a bike ride, he had stuff to do, but after I said that we needed to vote on the whole AV thing, he said that we should ride to the polling station.

So that's what we did, but he didn't take the direct route. I was going to going running after we got back, but I am beginning to think that maybe he is quite enjoying being out on the bike in this lovely warm spring evening.

We took a longer route to the polling station, and after he said "Right, shall we just ride up the the common, through Normans cut across to the farm and out by the Grove?" Well, that seemed ok to me. And that will probably be all I shall be doing this evening, as it was getting late.

We went to Normans Park, taking some quieter roads, and also stopping off to look at cars in the local garage! When we got to the park there were some people flying model planes, and we watched them for a while, which was quite interesting, but then some big old white fluffy happy slobbery dog came and said 'hi' to me, doggy goo all over me, nice!

Then we went through the common after riding around the park. I just love the fact there is this great amount of space around us. These fields and woods and parks and farms. Its just great! We were going through the common and saw two deer! Deer, even close to our home then when we saw them last time! A mile and a half away from us! its just amazing, all this nature, He made such a fantastic place really!

But, and its not a horrible but......well, depends on who is reading it really....but as we were going along the path the Old boy was riding in the ruts, I was riding on the higher bit of ground. I heard him say "OOOOOOO" and I turned around just in time to see his front wheel stop dead on the path. He then went flying over the handle bars closely followed by the back wheel, He landed face first in the dirt, with the bike on top of him! The Old Boy laid there for a while, I was sure he was ok, we wasn't speeding along, as we where enjoying looking at everything, and I said "Get up, you silly sod" When he didn't move or say anything, I did get a little worried then, and went over to take a close look, still trying to control my giggles!! (First aid never popped into my mind!) I took the bike off him and he rolled over onto his back, saying that his hands hurt. I started to feel a little guilty then about the whole giggle thing, that was until he started laughing him self!!! Then I could let out the suppressed laughter!!!

It was a spectacular fall!! 10 out of 10, and fortunately he wasn't hurt, and the bike wasn't damaged. But we did have a chuckle about it all the way home. Of course I was desperate not to fall off my bike. You know how it is, you laugh at someones fall and then fall over yourself!

I didn't take the Garmin, well I was only expecting to ride for one mile in total, to the polling station and back, but all in all we rode for about 7 and a half miles in less than an hour!

Oh, and the Old Boys hand is a little swollen now, so he really did land on it awkwardly, bless him!

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