Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Just A Short Ride

Hello blog readers.

Today was not a good day. Seems like you have a good day, then a bad day! I was working all day so couldn't get out for a head clearing run, so was quite pleased to get out for a short ride today.

I knew it was only going to be a short ride, so didn't even put my new bike hat on, I wanted to let the wind clear out the cobwebs!

There was still a hill involved as we headed on up to Keston. I was puffing and blowing a bit when we got to the top! But I didn't stop on the hill, just gritted my teeth and pushed through it. The Old Boy was way a head of me, but I knew that he would wait for me if he were to turn left or right. So I just kept on going straight on!

We turned right to head down towards Hayes. This is a lovely ride down, let your legs get loads of rest as you just fly down this bit of road.

On through Hayes high street and the turn right to go through the farm. Two riders were just coming out of the stables, and one on the ladies said "Ooo sorry, can't stop there are no brakes" as the horse just slowly walked across. Just as well none of us were speeding really!

We took a left turn down a path. Its the path that leads into Normans Park, and about half way down or so there is a 'big dip' The Old Boy didn't think twice about going down it and up the other side. But I just stood at the top and looked and then went for it. Its only about 4 feet down and up again, but it looks quite daunting, and so close to the water too! The Old Boy loved it so much he went back and did it again.

We just went around the park then out at Bromley common, then through whitehall rec. I suggested that we pop into the shop to get a little bit extra to go with out salad for when we got back. The Old Boy suggested the new local supermarket, and we headed for there.

A few other bits in the supermarket and the head on home. "Did you get the sweetcorn for salad" I said to him! "Eh, no, I forgot" he says! The one thing that we went in there for. Oh well, he did come out with some lovely gu!!!!

Geeky stats, even though its only a very short ride.

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