Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm On A Roll!

Hello Bloggees,

It had to be done. As it was only a short jog this morning with Vic.2 I had the rest of the day free. So it is either housework.......nah...... or go for a nice bike ride after lunch.

By the time I had lunch and was ready to go for my bike ride it had turned a little windy. But I had my long sleeved running top on, plus my top underneath, because I know, getting up that hill at Crittals corner is going to warm me up!

I had some errands to do on route, pop into the doctors, pick 'script then take to the chemist to get it filled, ready for my return. But I had forgotten that the chemist I go to closes for lunch! Oh well, I shall just have to wait till I get back to Petts wood and get it fill there.

I rode on up to Greenstreet Green, feeling the wind chilling me down. Maybe I should have put on my fleece after all! But the hill soon warmed me up. I am not paying attention to the time, it shall all be a nice surprise when I get back, I am only expecting to be about an hour and half even with the errands I still have to do.

I am sure I am a little slower going up to GSG today, but, I am not too hard on myself, after all, Coach had us running rings around the pitch last night, and I had done 1.75 miles with Vic.2 as well. That's my excuse anyway.

A quick sharp left hand turn to head towards Orpington. This bit is all down hill, I am wondering now if this is where I reach my max speed. Check out my geeky stats it says I reached a speed of 38.5 mph!!! But I think that was a total glitch. On the playback it shows top speed of 24.5, so I am think that was my top speed. Silly old Garmin!

Orpinton High street, again very busy, and I had to use the middle of the road again. I am deffo getting my confident on the roads, but I do know how dangerous it can be, even putting your foot down on the pavement, (!) So kids, always be vigilant, know whats behind you and make sure they know exactly what you are planning. Always make eye contact with drivers in the opposite direction who what to turn right.

I was nearly at the top of Sevonoaks way and in my blondness again, I was thinking, my goodness, that didn't seem to bad today, I don't even think I noticed the big hill climbing up in front of me" Well I wouldn't, would I. Because I was think of Crittals Corner, and the big hill that leads up to it! I soon noticed it then.

But my silly singing helped get me up there. I didn't stop on Sevonoaks way actually, to take my long sleeves off and take a sip of water. I was planning on not stopping once I got to the top of crittals corner till I get to the shops in PettsWood. Well, it didn't quite happen, I did stop at the top, took another sip of water and then carried on till PettsWood.

This is where the blondness came back. Because I forgot to turn off my Garmin, as I popped the script into the Chemist and then went to the shops to get a little extra for dinner and some flowers for my mum. Vic.2 had reminded me why we all started out on the keep fit trail. And it was because my mum didn't survive the cancer. If she had been here no doubt I would still have been a rather plump mum/nanny, but I would have my mum! Who knows, maybe I would have gone jogging anyway. Or cycling, and I could have been the Nagging Sister! And still be raising money for Cancer Research anyway. I be if I said "Put your hands up if you know someone who has had or has cancer." I bet every bodies hand will be up.

Just to leave you on an 'up note' my blondness and Naggy's blondness. Today she wanted to me to make sure that I was home at 3 as she had someone coming to 'do stuff' about her castle, and I arrived home just in time to see the chap coming over to knock on my door so that I could give him her key! Her key that she had with her! She had forgotten to give it to me. It's catching the blondness, just like the jogging and cycling.

Geeky stats.

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