Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bewl Water!

Hello bloggers,

What a lovely day today. The Old boy has the week off, so today we decided to go for a ride around Bewl Water. We took a picnic with us, put the bikes on the car and set off.

It don't take that long to get to Bewl. My church had a day out to Bewl Water, a good few years ago. My very first bike that I had every owned was strapped to someones car, but unfortunately it came off there, and bounced down the A21 and was run over by, the now, pastor of my church! So I had not actually rode around Bewl water, even though I had borrowed another bike to do so, but then one of the kids had a puncture and we had to go back after only a couple of mile! So I was looking for ward to it.

When we arrived at the place, already I was hungry. It was well passed lunch time and the food in the cool back was beckoning me! So I just grabbed a sausage roll before we set off. The Old Boy asked me "Which way do we go" Well, I didn't know. It looked completely different to when I was last there! There was a lovely play park, and a little adventure park, restaurant and a cafe! So completely different. Not only that, but the Old Boy started to ride in the opposite direction to where I went all those years ago! So that was new territory for me!

I didn't realise just how hilly this ride would be. You would think that riding around a reservoir would be a fairly flat affair! Well let me tell you that that is just not the case! Even the very first part of the ride it was up, up, up hill and we were looking down in to the lake. But then we had some lovely down hill bits as well.

It was a typical 'trail ride' with tree roots, dried up muddy horse trodden puddles, and tiny little paths to stick to so as not to get stuck in the grooves! Now you all know that I prefer my tarmac, but this is still a lovely pleasant ride. There was quite a few turns and dried up puddles, and things like that, so that you cant really get a move on. Which suits me down to the ground. We saw some wildlife on the lakes, grebes, ducks, moorhens, rabbits, trout, perch. And we saw some pigs! There were so cute, I took a picture, as soon as I can get them on to my laptop I will up load them. Oh, how blond am I, I just realised how I can do it! Upload to face book, then save as, then stick on blog! Simples!

So here is pic of the cute pigs!

And also a pic of me with Bewl Water as a fantastic back drop! Lovely sunshiny day!

Sometimes the blondness leaves me!, but how about those cute pigs, and if you could have heard them as well, so cute!

Not only did we see those we also passed a field full of horses with their foals! tiny little miniatures of their mums. Another 'ahh' moment, but I didn't take a pic of those. I should have done, but when we go a little closer they moved away, unlike the pigs who to see us.

Anyway, the blog is long again. So I shall try to finish it. We got a little confused when we went on the roads, (I thought we had got lost) But if you had seen the hills that we had to go up, you would be a tad confused too! We were not that too far off from where we had started! And where our packed lunch was!

Needless to say we got there just fine, had our lunch, then packed up the bikes to go home. I suggested that we should pop to the pub when we get back home, instead of putting the bikes away straight away! We also took Big Son with us, but on the way me and Big Son had a collision!! I came of my bike, bruises up and down my leg, sprawled over the pavement, my wheel slightly buckled, but Big son was just fine" All that riding on rough ground at Bewl Water, tree roots, horse ridden muddy dried puddles, ruts in the paths, and I have an accident on a smooth tarmac road!

Oh yes, and I had fogotton to take my Garmin with me, and the Old Boy had forgot to put his bike gizmo onto his bike!! But at least we know that around Bewl Water is 13 miles! And as long as we didn't detour, then it was 13 miles that we did!

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