Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Phenomenon has Happened Again!

Hello Blog lovers.

Today I was thinking of having a rest day, just chilling, play scrabble on line, chat to peoples on Facebook, you know, the kind of socialising that happens now days. But that big bright orb thing was high in the sky again today!

Now I know the forecasters have been saying something about the jet stream moving on now, bringing in warmer weather, but, there was always that 'Michael Fish' mishap! So me and the Old Boy took advantage of the warm dry weather now!

We went straight up the A21, yup the usual route, up into Halstead, but we took the second left at the round about. We rode on up to Shoreham Village. A great little pub at this village, the Kingshead. Me and the Old Boy occasionally go here for our relaxing Friday nights, I drink the pints of lager, him on the diet cokes! But he does get a packet of crisps as well.

In fact, for several weeks I was asking for Quavers, I love Quavers, and the Landlord had them there a couple of times. but for several weeks he just didn't buy them, apparently they  didn't go quick enough, but he said to me, "The next time you come in I will have some Quavers for your" We hadn't been there for a few weeks, so when I went in to buy a pint for me and the OB today, he remembered, and guess what, there was Quavers behind the bar!! What a landlord!

I digress, as always when it comes to beer and food! It was about 9 and half miles since we left our house, but I knew where the OB wanted to go! Up to Eynsford and then up 'Foo kin hill lane' I don't like hills. From here the Old Boy tried to do the whole reverse psychology, "Try thinking of the up hills as down hills" he said "Come on, race you to the bottom of the hill" I did try, I tried very hard to think of these hills rising up in front of me as an actually down hill section. It didn't work! the aching in my legs, the slowness of my pace, told me, in fact, screamed at me that I was going up hill!

I didn't stop though, I didn't not stop! I kept on going, right to the bridge that crosses over the M25. And I only stopped there because the Old Boy needed to .......... well, lets just say, he nearly had to say, "Oh please don't look at me!" as a couple of cyclists came past!

Our next official stop was at 'The Tigers Head' in Chislehurst. Non stop from here, up more hills, and I wasn't happy. The Old Boy was behind me, talking to me. He was like Norman Collier, I could only get a few words at a time as he was constantly chatting away to me. "" Sometimes it was due to the cars passing by that I couldn't hear him, and sometimes it was because we were on a down hill section, a real downhill section, that I couldn't him because I was speeding down. And sometimes it was because I just didn't want to listen to him! His cheeriness, and his whistling, while I was constantly struggling with these blooming hills.

All the way up the by pass, he was constantly chatting, and again as we turned left to head for Chislehurst. I decided to sing to myself, to drown out his constant chatting. How can he chat when I am barely able to to breathe let alone to string two words together!  The song helped, it went on the lines of #I can't push it any more, this is all i bloomin got# a line which I sang over and over and over, until I got to the road where we turn to go to the pub!

We had another pint of lager here and some lovely Olives! The weather was still really nice, I had worked up quite a 'Glow' and was ready for my next drink! 11 miles from the Kings Head, to here, non stop (apart from his wee stop) I was exhausted!

It was getting quite late, and we decided not to cook dinner when we got home and just grab a takeaway. We rode on to Pettswood after our pint, picked up some cash from the machine and went to Mapings for fish and chips! Lovely.

I forgot to start my Garmin when I left the tigers head, so you will see the geeky stats jump from one place to another! I didn't fly! honest! So here's today geeky stats.

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