Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lunch At Yalding! The Hilly Way!

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The sun was shining, the day was warm. Its Saturday, and its going to be a long ride. Put them miles on the bike! That was our plan. I didn't know where we were going to go though. At first the Old boy thought maybe putting the bikes on the rack and taking the car  and go to the seaside. 

But as you will see from geeky stats, that didn't happen. We set off from our house, we might as well take full advantage of the lovely sunshine! I still not sure where we were going to be heading for, I just listened out for directions from the Old Boy. The first one though, was easy, head for Halstead! So that's where I went.

When we got to the roundabout at Halstead, the next instructions was to go straight on! Down Pollhill. Now thats the sort of cycling I like, well, with the occasional flat bit. But in the back of my mind is the thought that all down hills means I have to go up hills to get back home! And the down hill was very short lived. The hill started more or less as soon as we got to the bottom of Pollhill! Riding up towards Riverhead. Boy was that some hill, we are going to Sevenoaks. I remembered mine and the Old boys first 'long ride out' was to Sevenoaks. We took the train there. I still had my old Raleigh bike then, and had to carry it up the stairs to get out of the station. That was before I knew there was a lift!

It was a tough hill to say the least! I was so pleased I got up there, in only two stages! I just had about a minute breather half way up! Then it was down hill again.  A long down hill! I really did enjoy that. And it was fairly flat ish ride after that, apart from another little bump at West Peckham. After 25 miles already, it felt a lot higher than a little bump!

It was around here somewhere, the Old boy said to me 'I think you know where you are going now, don't you" Well, I still had no clue. I just kept listening out for the instructions and directions from the old boy.

I eventually guessed where we were going, only after I passed by the train station, Yalding! I am sure the Old Boy will stop fro a pint there now! And it was where he was heading! I was gagging for a pint now, but when we arrived there, the little bridge across the river was raising up! So we couldn't get over and had to wait! I was seriously thinking about taking my bike over the walking bridge, up and down the stairs, but I just didn't think my legs would take it. We waited it out, all 7 mins of it!

We ordered a sandwich as well as a pint of lager, it was a while coming. Anyone would have thought we ordered some out of the ordinary! But all to soon it was back in the saddle for the return journey! This time going to East Peckham, and also a little stop at a pub that we like, just for half a lager! It's call the Man of Kent. A lovely little pub, right along side the River Bourne, with a huge amount of big fish waiting for some food!

Now the really hard work started. We were going back the same way, up to Hildenborough! And after 30 miles already it was going to hurt! The psychology the OB tried to use on me last trip out, i.e. the up hills are really down, was not working at all. So for the rest of the ride I was singing, #1, 2, 3, mother caught a flea, she put it the teapot and made a cup of tea. The flea jumped out, mother gave a shout and in cam father with his shirt hanging out# Why that particular ditty was on my mind I have no idea! But the whole 1, 2, 3 was very useful counting!

The next two hills I walked up some of the way! I tried and tried, and tried again! But I just didn't have it in me to get up them. I was looking forward to getting to Shoreham, there the OB promised me a pint! And I was in desperate need then.

Of course there is a decision to make here. Go back up the hill and go to Eynsford, which means 'Foo Kin Hill' but also another hill when we get to Orpington, or go to Halstead again. That way its only about another 10 miles riding. Yes there is that huge hill to climb, but I knew I would be walking some of that too! So I opted for the shorter route, up to Halstead, and then directly home. The hills from Halstead are nothing compared with  Poverest, plus the extra miles! I was looking forward to getting home now, and think about having a curry for my dinner!

I was right about the hill, I walked it, in fact I think I walked most of it! My little legs just refused to push down on the peddles anymore! The Old Boy still had tons of energy left and cycled on up.  He was waiting for me at the top. I was surprised he was only waiting for about 7 mins though!

There was no more stopping for me from here till I got home.

It was a tough ride today, and I feel as if it challenged me quite a bit. Watching the Tour de France on the telly, as they hit those hills and still go flying up, or as Mark Cavendish did yesterday, after riding for 138 miles and then flying past to win the 18th stage, I just have to admire those guys and girls who can ride like that!

So my geeky stats for you, and don't forget to check out those hills! Huge or what?

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