Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Shall We, Shall we not?

hello blog lovers.

Guess What? Its raining, again! Now I am really getting fed up now. It's really, well, I'm gonna say it, its really pissing me off! The rain that is! Its just so hard to get the motivation to go out cycling! And I am loving my cycling at the mo, I was even seen looking at new racing styles bikes for myself! Low down on the handlebars, nice light weight, my size! That's about all I can remember of the bike! But it was cute! But this blooming rain! It's getting me angry now!

Trying to get the Old Boy out and motivated as well is a job in itself too. He is still remembering the soaking that he got a week ago. He took off his clothes and threw them over the chest freezer where they dripped and made a huge puddle, on my floor, by the time I got in from my club run! Men! But we did go out, just a short one, and staying fairly local as well, just in case it really came down hard!

By the time we set off  it actually wasn't raining! There was a lull in the wet stuff coming down. This could be a nice ride after all. The OB left me to do the navigating, he said something about having a pint in the 'Old Jail' so that is where I headed for. Up the A21 and through to Farnborough, and up to Downe Village! I still find that totally ironic that 'Downe Village' is actually up! And boy is it a tough way up!

I made sure I didn't stop though, even though I was quite tired. I have been doing some form of exercise since Sunday, so today's little ride is definitely at my pace!  Eventually getting to Downe Village, I was pleased with my effort. It was a a slow plod up the hill, but there was no stopping!

We turned right and  then left to head for Jail lane. The rain, or heavy mist as we like to call it, when it's not torrential, started as we headed ever more upward. By the time we got to The Old Jail, it was coming down pretty steadily, and I had forgotten to bring the bike lock along. So we decided to push on through and just keep going.  We were over taken by some other cyclists, they just looked as if they were just breezing along! As the Fridays call it, conversational pace. I thought I was pushing quite hard up the hills, yet there they were, chatting away, and saying good evening to us as the passed on by, by looks of it, hardly breaking a sweat!

We arrived at Biggin hill, the rain coming down even more, and we decided that we would hold up at Keston, until we finish a pint of lager at least! So our destination was there. I can get quite a speed on down this road, and we soon arrived at the Greyhound, a bit wet, you might say, but it was great to see joggers out, and the cyclists out. I can imagine them all saying, "Stuff the weather, I'm doing it anyway!"

After our pint we rode directly home more or less, with a quick stop and the local supermarket!

Geeky stats for this evenings short ride!

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