Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sshhhhh! It's Still Sunny!

Hello blog lovers.

Can you believe it. Britain, England, London, and it's still sunny! I just love it. I'm not one for sitting outside in the sunshine, baking up like a prune! I try, I get bored, and hot, and burnt, and end up looking like a purple lobster!

So this evening the Old Boy said he wanted to go on a pleasure ride. Up to Halstead, through the lanes and a stop off at the Greyhound, in Keston.

Well as you all know by know, I hate hills! This route is a hilly route. This route, for me, is a workout. Ok, so not as hard going as yesterdays ride, but it is a longer ride, and it is still a steady uphill route!

We noticed that there were signs up at Halstead. Lap 1 turn left, lap 2 straight up. We saw some cyclists with the weird streamlined 'go faster' hats. Which means that they have just come up the road that I have just cycled very slowly up! At speed! because I believe these are time trials going on! Not only that, I also think they have been coming up from Cudham north lane as well! I take my own hat off to these guy....and girls!

We cycled up to Halstead, and to Knockholt. I just kept going at my pace. No stopping. I still find it tough going, and I know when each hill is going to be. I think that is why the Old Boy chooses this route, to help me practise the whole 'getting up hills' in the right gear!

Going up Grays Road now, I feel as if that is the end of the hard riding! It's virtually free wheeling, even though there are hills! And going down from Biggin Hill, well, what can I say, virtually putting your feet up on the peddles and relaxing!

The pint at the Greyhound was most welcoming. It had been a warm and hard ride for me, where as the Old Boy hardly broke a sweat! In fact, he said he was feeling quite chilled sitting outside drinking our pints!.

The ride home from here though, and I did feel the change of temperature, I may have even got a few goose bumps!

A very good workout ride for me, and nice pleasure ride for the Old boy.

Geeky stats for you.

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